Les Miserables Character Descriptions

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This character is a student and a member of the ABC Society, but he has no respect for authority and is a real troublemaker, liking nothing better than a good fight.

Mademoiselle Baptistine

This unmarried sister of the Bishop of Digne lives with him and runs his household. She is a gentle, respectable woman who does good works.


This member of the ABC Society is a law student. He is cheerful but unlucky; everything he undertakes seems to go wrong.


This character is a member of the ABC Society, a student, and a philosopher of revolution. He has a scientific mind and dreams of the inventions of the future and how they will benefit the human race.


This character is the illegitimate daughter of a Parisian "grisette." This character is rescued from her abusive guardians and is raised and educated in a convent.


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