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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Merteuil advise Cécile to do after being raped by Valmont?
(a) Confess everything to her mother and ask for forgiveness.
(b) Keep the event secret from Danceny and elope with him.
(c) Give into despair.
(d) Give into pleasure and take Valmont as a lover.

2. What does Madame de Tourvel regret in letter 124?
(a) That she must be forever miserable for sacrificing Valmont.
(b) That she lost Madame de Rosemonde's respect.
(c) That she must agree to whatever Valmont asks of her.
(d) That Valmont returned all her letters instead of keeping them.

3. Upon what does Valmont blame the incident which causes Madame de Tourvel to think Valmont does not love her?
(a) A case of mistaken identity.
(b) An innocent remark from Madame de Volanges.
(c) Valmont's desire to help an old acquaintance.
(d) The plotting of Madame de Tourvel's husband.

4. By letter 148, whom has Danceny taken as a lover?
(a) Julie.
(b) Cécile.
(c) Rosalind.
(d) Merteuil.

5. Why is Madame de Tourvel suddenly convinced that Valmont no longer loves her?
(a) She saw a vision of her husband.
(b) She observes signs of his disinterest.
(c) She saw him in the company of a prostitute.
(d) She received a cold, dismissive letter from him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Merteuil become adept at controlling her facial features?

2. What does Danceny do to Merteuil, as reported by Madame de Volanges in letter 168?

3. How does Valmont and Madame de Tourvel's first sexual encounter go?

4. How does Prévan get into Merteuil's room on the night of his apparent victory?

5. What does Merteuil think is dull above all else?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens between Valmont and Madame de Tourvel that shocks and angers Valmont, and why does he react so strongly?

2. What arguments does Valmont use to convince Madame de Tourvel to see him?

3. How does Valmont thwart Merteuil with regards to Danceny?

4. How did Merteuil develop into a master manipulator?

5. How does Valmont manipulate Cécile and Danceny's relationship?

6. Whom does Valmont enlist to help him communicate and meet with Madame de Tourvel? How does this person respond?

7. What is the content and tone of Danceny's letters to Merteuil?

8. What is the reward Valmont claims from Merteuil, and how does Merteuil respond to this?

9. How does Madame de Volanges respond to Cécile's depression?

10. How does Danceny explain his behavior to Madame de Rosemonde?

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