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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Merteuil's maid trustworthy?
(a) The maid is Merteuil's daughter.
(b) Merteuil threatened to kill the maid if she betrays Merteuil.
(c) Merteuil pays the maid an exorbitant salary for her cooperation.
(d) Merteuil knows her maid's greatest secret.

2. What does Cécile assert to Danceny after his letter reveals his suspicions?
(a) That she and Valmont decided not to listen to Danceny.
(b) That her mother will never discover Cécile's plan.
(c) That she will refuse to see him again.
(d) That if they will both be unhappy, it won't be entirely her fault.

3. What does Valmont suspect about Cécile?
(a) That she is unwittingly pregnant.
(b) That she is carrying on with Danceny.
(c) That she has fallen in love with him.
(d) That she has seduced him.

4. What does Valmont tell Danceny in letter 89?
(a) That Cécile's love grows stronger every day.
(b) That Cécile sets her sights on a new man.
(c) That Cécile pines away for Danceny.
(d) That Cécile does not trust him.

5. What does Madame de Tourvel confess to Madame de Rosemonde?
(a) That she secretly hates society.
(b) That she loves Valmont.
(c) That he thinks of suicide.
(d) That she will divorce her husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Danceny entrust to Madame de Rosemonde?

2. Which category of women does Merteuil consider the most worthwhile?

3. What has been the effect of Madame de Tourvel's separation from Valmont?

4. What physical condition makes it difficult for Madame de Rosemonde to write letters?

5. Whom does Valmont's valet count on to get him access to Madame de Tourvel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Valmont's response to Merteuil's affair with Danceny.

2. How does Valmont thwart Merteuil with regards to Danceny?

3. What is the reward Valmont claims from Merteuil, and how does Merteuil respond to this?

4. Summarize Bertrand's letters to Madame de Rosemonde.

5. Describe Madame de Tourvel's dictated, unaddressed letter which Madame de Volanges sends to Madame de Rosemonde.

6. Summarize the content of the "letter" that Merteuil dictates to Valmont about his apparent love of Madame de Tourvel.

7. What is the content and tone of Danceny's letters to Merteuil?

8. What event causes Madame de Tourvel to think Valmont does not love her? How does Valmont's respond?

9. What arguments does Valmont use to convince Madame de Tourvel to see him?

10. How did Merteuil develop into a master manipulator?

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