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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who or what does Coward see as at fault for the events of the novel?
(a) The pressures of the social caste system.
(b) The natural, undeniable human sexual curiosity.
(c) The actions of individuals.
(d) The fate handed down by God.

2. What does "libertine" generally refer to in 18th-century France?
(a) Conservative political ideals.
(b) Pious worship of God.
(c) Sexual depravity.
(d) Conventional wisdom.

3. How do today's readers of Laclos interpret his novel?
(a) They cannot agree on the ambiguous meanings and motivations of the characters.
(b) They always apply Laclos' personal history to the meaning of the novel.
(c) They neglect several characters and only focus on one or two.
(d) They find that each character has definite motivations.

4. Which place in the social hierarchy did Laclos' family occupy?
(a) The highest form of the gentry.
(b) The lowest form of nobility.
(c) The clergy.
(d) The peasant class.

5. What does Danceny's letter 28 accuse Cécile of?
(a) Being heartless and pitiless toward him.
(b) Being ignorant about his feelings.
(c) Being flirtatious with other men.
(d) Being rude and condescending in her letters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a "little house?"

2. What idea does Merteuil plant in Cécile's head after the revelation of her and Danceny's love?

3. How does Coward recommend the novel should be criticized?

4. With whom does Valmont conspire to trick and humiliate a new acquaintance?

5. Who wrote the Publisher's Foreword to _Les Liasons Dangerueses_?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the content of Danceny's letters to Cécile?

2. What does Merteuil assert is the reason women become "victims" of seduction?

3. What is the reward Valmont claims from Merteuil, and how does Merteuil respond to this?

4. How does Merteuil respond to Cécile's news about Valmont's actions?

5. How does Cécile describe Danceny to her friend Sophie?

6. What was Choderlos de Laclos' position in society? Describe his family life.

7. Summarize the content of the "letter" that Merteuil dictates to Valmont about his apparent love of Madame de Tourvel.

8. Describe Cécile de Volanges.

9. Describe what Valmont does when he gets the key to Cécile's room.

10. What was the general response to _Les Liaisons Dangereuses_ in the 20th century?

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