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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Madame de Tourvel suddenly convinced that Valmont no longer loves her?
(a) She received a cold, dismissive letter from him.
(b) She observes signs of his disinterest.
(c) She saw him in the company of a prostitute.
(d) She saw a vision of her husband.

2. What news does Bertrand bring to Madame de Rosemonde?
(a) The news of Cécile's insanity.
(b) The news of Valmont's triumph.
(c) The news of Madame de Volanges' death.
(d) The news of Valmont's death.

3. What does Danceny resolve to do at the end of the novel?
(a) Continue to love Cécile from afar until his dying day.
(b) Collect the letters from everyone and publish them.
(c) Pine away and die a lonely, pitiful death.
(d) Take vows as a member of the Knights of Malta.

4. What does Madame de Rosemonde offer Madame de Tourvel in her return letter?
(a) Censure, chastisement, and disappointment.
(b) Confusion, curiosity, and ignorance.
(c) Understanding, forgiveness, and hope.
(d) Happiness, joy, and congratulations.

5. How does Madame de Rosemonde respond to Madame de Tourvel's news concerning herself and Valmont?
(a) With calm, pious acceptance.
(b) With confusion and curiosity.
(c) With rage and harsh words.
(d) With disappointment and censure.

6. How does Merteuil think of Madame de Tourvel?
(a) As a no-good whore.
(b) As a sorry case to be pitied.
(c) As a rival whom she defeated.
(d) As a pupil whom she trained.

7. Why is Merteuil's maid trustworthy?
(a) The maid is Merteuil's daughter.
(b) Merteuil threatened to kill the maid if she betrays Merteuil.
(c) Merteuil pays the maid an exorbitant salary for her cooperation.
(d) Merteuil knows her maid's greatest secret.

8. What does Merteuil advise Valmont to tell Madame de Tourvel?
(a) Her beauty has been diminished by her recent anger.
(b) He no longer loves her, but it's not his fault.
(c) He is leaving the country because he can no longer stand her.
(d) He wants to duel her husband in order to marry her.

9. Which category of women does Merteuil consider the most worthwhile?
(a) Young, pretty, dull women.
(b) Middle-aged, hardened, despairing women.
(c) Mysterious, enigmatic widows.
(d) Independent, intelligent women of character.

10. What is the ultimatum Valmont offers Merteuil?
(a) He demands that she submit to him or die.
(b) He resolves to be either her lover or her enemy.
(c) He offers a life of pleasure or a life of regret.
(d) He demands that she publish her collection of letters, or he will.

11. What does Danceny entrust to Madame de Rosemonde?
(a) The secret of Valmont and Madame de Tourvel's relationship.
(b) Valmont's entire correspondence with Merteuil.
(c) Cécile's honor as Madame de Rosemonde's ward.
(d) All of the lyric poetry he wrote for Cécile.

12. What action does Valmont propose to Cécile to facilitate their secret correspondence?
(a) Cécile should steal her mother's key to Cécile's own room.
(b) Cécile and Danceny should disguise their handwriting and use the regular postal service.
(c) Cécile and Valmont should not write, but only speak privately.
(d) Cécile should suggest that her mother leave Cécile alone at the country estate.

13. What does Merteuil effectively refuse to do with Valmont?
(a) Mentor Cécile for him.
(b) Share seduction stories.
(c) Cover up for him.
(d) Have a sexual relationship with him.

14. How does Cécile respond to Merteuil's advice about her relationship with Valmont?
(a) She rebels against Merteuil and elopes with Danceny.
(b) She is confused and asks Merteuil if she really means what she wrote.
(c) She agrees with Merteuil and decides to enjoy Valmont's company.
(d) She disagrees with Merteuil and resolves never to see Valmont again.

15. What event not directly described in the novel weighs heavily on Merteuil's mind?
(a) The death of one of Merteuil's close relatives.
(b) A devastating fire in a wealthy area of Paris.
(c) Her planned travels across the Continent.
(d) A lawsuit involving her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the person whom Valmont sent to Madame de Tourvel do?

2. How does Danceny respond upon learning of Valmont's treachery?

3. What does Danceny fear after reading Valmont's report?

4. What does Madame de Tourvel regret in letter 124?

5. What does Madame de Tourvel reveal to Valmont in letter 90?

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