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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What physical condition makes it difficult for Madame de Rosemonde to write letters?
(a) Influenza.
(b) Dementia.
(c) Rheumatism.
(d) Blindness.

2. In letter 147, what startling news does Madame de Volanges notify Madame de Rosemonde of?
(a) Cécile's pregnancy.
(b) Valmont's duel with Monsieur de Tourvel.
(c) Danceny's agonized decision to take orders as a clergyman.
(d) Madame de Tourvel's sudden, serious illness.

3. What does Merteuil advise Valmont to tell Madame de Tourvel?
(a) He no longer loves her, but it's not his fault.
(b) Her beauty has been diminished by her recent anger.
(c) He wants to duel her husband in order to marry her.
(d) He is leaving the country because he can no longer stand her.

4. What does Madame de Rosemonde offer Madame de Tourvel in her return letter?
(a) Understanding, forgiveness, and hope.
(b) Censure, chastisement, and disappointment.
(c) Happiness, joy, and congratulations.
(d) Confusion, curiosity, and ignorance.

5. What does Madame de Tourvel do that makes Valmont despair?
(a) She sells her story of his seduction to the Paris newspapers.
(b) She chooses to have an affair with Danceny.
(c) She leaves the country estate without telling him.
(d) She has in fact tricked and seduced him, instead of the other way around.

6. How does Cécile respond to Valmont's suggestion about their secret correspondence?
(a) She agrees to Valmont's request for more time.
(b) She asks to speak to Danceny directly.
(c) She suggests they use a third party to pass their letters.
(d) She refuses to steal her mother's key.

7. What opinion about love does Merteuil voice to Valmont?
(a) Marriage is the highest form of love.
(b) Love is the lowest human feeling.
(c) Pleasure is followed by aversion.
(d) Sex is based only on physical need.

8. What does Danceny fear after reading Valmont's report?
(a) That Cécile loves Valmont.
(b) That Cécile dies.
(c) That Cécile no longer loves him.
(d) That Cécile needs to go back to the convent.

9. What has Merteuil begun to think about Belleroche?
(a) She has suspicions that he has another lover.
(b) She considers marrying him.
(c) She becomes tired of him and needs a break.
(d) She thinks he is a better lover than Valmont.

10. What action does Valmont propose to Cécile to facilitate their secret correspondence?
(a) Cécile should steal her mother's key to Cécile's own room.
(b) Cécile and Danceny should disguise their handwriting and use the regular postal service.
(c) Cécile should suggest that her mother leave Cécile alone at the country estate.
(d) Cécile and Valmont should not write, but only speak privately.

11. What does Valmont know Merteuil dislikes reading about?
(a) She dislikes reading about Valmont's past seductions.
(b) She dislikes reading Valmont's preachy advice.
(c) She dislikes reading about Cécile's progress with Danceny.
(d) She dislikes reading about Valmont's progress with Madame de Tourvel.

12. Whom does Merteuil target for her next seduction?
(a) Bertram.
(b) Danceny.
(c) Valmont.
(d) Gercourt.

13. What is the reason for Valmont's seduction of Madame de Tourvel, according to what Valmont tells Merteuil in letter 133?
(a) Valmont was bored and wanted a project to occupy his time.
(b) Valmont gladly took on Madame de Tourvel's seduction on a dare.
(c) Valmont felt he needed more practice at ordinary seductions.
(d) Valmont wanted to investigate his own seductive powers.

14. What does Valmont tell Danceny in letter 89?
(a) That Cécile pines away for Danceny.
(b) That Cécile sets her sights on a new man.
(c) That Cécile does not trust him.
(d) That Cécile's love grows stronger every day.

15. How does Merteuil's story end?
(a) She goes into hiding and assumes a false name.
(b) She is bankrupt, disfigured, and shunned.
(c) She becomes celebrated, adored, and idolized.
(d) She travels the Continent to seduce more men.

Short Answer Questions

1. What about Valmont worries Madame de Tourvel?

2. Upon what does Merteuil instruct Danceny in letter 121?

3. How does Valmont and Madame de Tourvel's first sexual encounter go?

4. What does Merteuil advise Cécile to do after being raped by Valmont?

5. What did the person whom Valmont sent to Madame de Tourvel do?

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