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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What about Valmont worries Madame de Tourvel?
(a) His relationship with Cécile.
(b) His lack of interest in her.
(c) The state of his health.
(d) His plans to travel to Italy.

2. What does Danceny resolve to do at the end of the novel?
(a) Take vows as a member of the Knights of Malta.
(b) Collect the letters from everyone and publish them.
(c) Pine away and die a lonely, pitiful death.
(d) Continue to love Cécile from afar until his dying day.

3. Who is Valmont's valet?
(a) Gerard.
(b) Philippe.
(c) Bertram.
(d) Azolan.

4. How does Merteuil think of Madame de Tourvel?
(a) As a no-good whore.
(b) As a sorry case to be pitied.
(c) As a rival whom she defeated.
(d) As a pupil whom she trained.

5. Valmont asserts that a girl who has no respect for her mother will what?
(a) Have no self-respect, either.
(b) Have concerns about sex.
(c) Have a moral mindset.
(d) Have no idea what love is about.

6. About what does Valmont mock Merteuil in letter 158?
(a) Her incapability of managing her affairs.
(b) Her non-meeting with Danceny.
(c) Her rapidly aging features.
(d) Her lack of true friends.

7. What news does Bertrand bring to Madame de Rosemonde?
(a) The news of Valmont's death.
(b) The news of Valmont's triumph.
(c) The news of Madame de Volanges' death.
(d) The news of Cécile's insanity.

8. How did Merteuil become adept at controlling her facial features?
(a) She woke up one day and was suddenly able to control her features.
(b) Her time as an actress gave her opportunities to practice facial expressions.
(c) By observing how other people conceal what they think or feel.
(d) As a child, her tutor of manners was strict and taught her well.

9. What happens to Prévan after Merteuil gets done with him?
(a) He duels with Merteuil's lover, Belleroche.
(b) He flees the country in disgrace.
(c) His commander orders his arrest.
(d) He proclaims himself innocent in a court of law.

10. How does Danceny respond upon learning of Valmont's treachery?
(a) By challenging Valmont to a duel.
(b) By calling for Valmont's arrest.
(c) By telling Cécile.
(d) By despairing and killing himself.

11. What does Merteuil worry about Madame de Volanges?
(a) That the business with Prévan will damage her reputation.
(b) That maybe she really loves Prévan.
(c) That everyone will discover it was a sham.
(d) That no one will believe Merteuil's version of events.

12. What is Madame de Tourvel's reaction upon being left alone in her room with Valmont?
(a) She refuses to have anything to do with him.
(b) She professes her undying love for him.
(c) She goes into delirious convulsions.
(d) She bursts into tears and calls for her maid.

13. How does Madame de Rosemonde learn of Madame de Tourvel's death?
(a) In a letter from Madame de Volanges.
(b) By asking Cécile why she is sad.
(c) By reading the announcement in the Paris newspapers.
(d) In a letter from Bertrand.

14. What does Valmont entice Danceny to do?
(a) Choose Merteuil, an experienced lover, over Cécile, an ignorant girl.
(b) Abandon his excursion with Merteuil in favor of secretly meeting with Cécile.
(c) Apologize to Madame de Volanges for leading her daughter astray.
(d) Use one of Cécile's maids as a way to practice his sexual technique.

15. What does Madame de Tourvel do that makes Valmont despair?
(a) She leaves the country estate without telling him.
(b) She sells her story of his seduction to the Paris newspapers.
(c) She has in fact tricked and seduced him, instead of the other way around.
(d) She chooses to have an affair with Danceny.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Valmont do when alone with Cécile in her room?

2. Upon what does Valmont blame the incident which causes Madame de Tourvel to think Valmont does not love her?

3. Why does Gercourt wish to delay his and Cécile's marriage?

4. By letter 148, whom has Danceny taken as a lover?

5. What does Valmont tell Danceny in letter 89?

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