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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Valmont order Merteuil to do?
(a) Abandon her affair with Belleroche.
(b) Abandon her affair with Danceny.
(c) Abandon her friendship with Madame de Volanges.
(d) Abandon her tutelage of Cécile.

2. What does Merteuil think is dull above all else?
(a) Women who sleep with men only because they can't say "no."
(b) Men who attract women through their intellect, not their personalities.
(c) Men who only use one method of seduction over and over.
(d) Women whose coyness borders on rude dismissiveness.

3. How does Merteuil's story end?
(a) She goes into hiding and assumes a false name.
(b) She travels the Continent to seduce more men.
(c) She is bankrupt, disfigured, and shunned.
(d) She becomes celebrated, adored, and idolized.

4. What does the unsigned note to Danceny communicate?
(a) It vehemently accuses him of devilish acts.
(b) It asks him for forgiveness for Valmont's actions.
(c) It warns him that charges may be laid against him.
(d) It suggests that he elope with Cécile.

5. Upon what does Merteuil instruct Danceny in letter 121?
(a) Upon improving his contrived writing style.
(b) Upon his lovemaking technique.
(c) Upon his duties to his order of knights.
(d) Upon his communications with Madame de Volanges.

6. How does Danceny respond upon learning of Valmont's treachery?
(a) By calling for Valmont's arrest.
(b) By challenging Valmont to a duel.
(c) By telling Cécile.
(d) By despairing and killing himself.

7. How does Cécile respond to Merteuil's advice about her relationship with Valmont?
(a) She is confused and asks Merteuil if she really means what she wrote.
(b) She rebels against Merteuil and elopes with Danceny.
(c) She agrees with Merteuil and decides to enjoy Valmont's company.
(d) She disagrees with Merteuil and resolves never to see Valmont again.

8. Whom does Valmont's valet count on to get him access to Madame de Tourvel?
(a) Her brother, Andres.
(b) No one.
(c) Her maid, Julie.
(d) Valmont's friend, Étienne.

9. Upon what does Valmont blame the incident which causes Madame de Tourvel to think Valmont does not love her?
(a) An innocent remark from Madame de Volanges.
(b) The plotting of Madame de Tourvel's husband.
(c) Valmont's desire to help an old acquaintance.
(d) A case of mistaken identity.

10. How does Madame de Rosemonde learn of Madame de Tourvel's death?
(a) In a letter from Madame de Volanges.
(b) By asking Cécile why she is sad.
(c) In a letter from Bertrand.
(d) By reading the announcement in the Paris newspapers.

11. What does Madame de Rosemonde warn Madame de Tourvel about in letter 126?
(a) She warns her that Valmont has another lover.
(b) She warns her that Valmont is a fugitive.
(c) She warns her that Valmont is only interested in ruining women.
(d) She warns her that Valmont's illness is deadly.

12. How did Merteuil approach sex on her wedding night?
(a) As an experience to observe.
(b) As a horrifying violation to fear.
(c) As a boring chore to complete.
(d) As a trial to overcome.

13. What does Danceny resolve to do at the end of the novel?
(a) Take vows as a member of the Knights of Malta.
(b) Collect the letters from everyone and publish them.
(c) Pine away and die a lonely, pitiful death.
(d) Continue to love Cécile from afar until his dying day.

14. What does Valmont suspect about Cécile?
(a) That she has fallen in love with him.
(b) That she is unwittingly pregnant.
(c) That she is carrying on with Danceny.
(d) That she has seduced him.

15. Who is Valmont's valet?
(a) Gerard.
(b) Bertram.
(c) Azolan.
(d) Philippe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Madame de Tourvel regret in letter 124?

2. What does Merteuil advise Cécile to do after being raped by Valmont?

3. What opinion about love does Merteuil voice to Valmont?

4. Why has Merteuil never remarried?

5. For what does Cécile blame herself the most?

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