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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Valmont ask Madame de Tourvel to do in letter 35?
(a) Give him the names of those saying bad things about him.
(b) Divorce her husband, the judge.
(c) Commit to a sexual relationship with him.
(d) Move to Paris so they can be seen in society together.

2. What does Madame de Volanges say about Valmont to Madame de Tourvel in letter 9?
(a) Valmont is dangerous and deceitful.
(b) Valmont is trustworthy and honest.
(c) Valmont has an addiction to gambling.
(d) Valmont has an excellent reputation around town.

3. What advice does Valmont give to Madame de Tourvel?
(a) Tell others of his love for Valmont, and they will understand.
(b) Succumb to desire and she will pay the price.
(c) Love, and her fears will vanish.
(d) Desert her husband, in order to marry Valmont.

4. What else does David Coward, author of the Introduction, insist is a factor in libertine novels?
(a) The questioning of humanity's purpose on earth.
(b) The surrealist confusion of society.
(c) The reinforcement of ancient wisdom.
(d) The provocation of social mores.

5. Who does Valmont trick to spend time with the Vicomtesse de M?
(a) Armand.
(b) Merteuil.
(c) Vressac.
(d) Philippe.

6. Who notified Madame de Volanges of Cécile and Danceny's romance?
(a) Cécile, accidentally.
(b) Madame de Tourvel.
(c) Merteuil.
(d) Valmont.

7. Where is Madame de Tourvel staying while her husband is away?
(a) At a convent.
(b) With Madame de Rosemonde in the country.
(c) With Madame de Volanges in Paris.
(d) At a home she owns in Paris.

8. What does Merteuil do to get herself in the mood for sex with her lover?
(a) She daydreams.
(b) She drinks wine.
(c) She gazes at herself in the mirror.
(d) She reads.

9. What advice does Cécile's friend offer regarding Danceny's letter?
(a) Cécile should reply immediately and assure Danceny of her love.
(b) Cécile should not respond.
(c) Cécile should reply and chastise Danceny for taking such a liberty.
(d) Cécile should show the letter to her mother.

10. Against whom does Valmont warn Merteuil in letter 70?
(a) Prévan.
(b) Danceny.
(c) Azolan.
(d) Bertram.

11. What is Valmont and Danceny's relationship as of letter 57?
(a) Vengeful and angry.
(b) They do not have a relationship.
(c) Open and trusting.
(d) Wary and cautious.

12. What does Cécile tell Danceny in letter 49?
(a) That she will meet him at a secret location to consummate their love.
(b) That her duty to God and her future husband prevent her from being with him.
(c) That she wants to continue their relationship.
(d) That Merteuil convinced her to continue writing to him.

13. What does Madame de Tourvel offer Valmont?
(a) Her undying love.
(b) Her body.
(c) Her hatred.
(d) Her friendship.

14. What does Merteuil tell Cécile when they attend the opera together?
(a) On her wedding night, a young woman must be prepared for certain things.
(b) When a woman marries, she must love only her husband.
(c) Marriage is a futile institution that oppresses women.
(d) It is perfectly acceptable to have many lovers at once.

15. How does Madame de Tourvel react when Valmont professes his love?
(a) She scolds him.
(b) She bursts into tears.
(c) She faints on the floor.
(d) She stands bemused and silent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is an "epistolary novel?"

2. What is the main rule of Valmont's and Merteuil's seductions?

3. In letter 5, how does Merteuil react to Valmont's object of desire?

4. Who are the two people Cécile admits she likes best?

5. What does Madame de Tourvel allow Valmont to do?

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