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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do today's readers of Laclos interpret his novel?
(a) They find that each character has definite motivations.
(b) They cannot agree on the ambiguous meanings and motivations of the characters.
(c) They always apply Laclos' personal history to the meaning of the novel.
(d) They neglect several characters and only focus on one or two.

2. In letter 15, what does Valmont call Merteuil about her attentions to her current lover?
(a) He calls her a slave to another's pleasure.
(b) He calls her selfish and callous.
(c) He calls her an attention seeker.
(d) He calls her gentle and caring.

3. What is the first action Valmont takes to make Madame de Tourvel look favorably upon him?
(a) He leaps to his aunt's aid when she falls.
(b) He pays a peasant family's back taxes.
(c) He expresses interest in a position in the Church.
(d) He disarms a burglar at the estate.

4. What does Laclos favor over the well-trained mind?
(a) A sense of humor.
(b) A stout constitution.
(c) A high social station.
(d) A feeling heart.

5. What is the name of the school-friend to whom Cécile writes?
(a) Émilie.
(b) Eliza.
(c) Sophie.
(d) Francoise.

6. What does Cécile think are pretty much the same thing?
(a) Friendship and marriage.
(b) Innocence and ignorance.
(c) Sex and love.
(d) Friendship and love.

7. How did French society view Laclos after the publication of _Les Liaisons Dangereuses_?
(a) As a "monster."
(b) As a "mystery."
(c) As a "saint."
(d) As a "genius."

8. How does Valmont force Madame de Tourvel's maid to help with his plans?
(a) He rapes her.
(b) He bribes her with 400 francs.
(c) He humiliates her by forcing her to be naked.
(d) He threatens to blackmail her.

9. In letter 26, what does Madame de Tourvel blame on her impassioned outburst?
(a) The true feelings of love pouring into her heart.
(b) Her sudden confusion at the turn of events.
(c) Her sense of security made her unwary.
(d) The unbelieving portions of her mind and heart.

10. Why is Cécile unable to go to the opera with Merteuil?
(a) Madame de Volanges prohibits her daughter from seeing Merteuil.
(b) Madame de Volanges does not approve of the opera.
(c) Madame de Volanges is suspicious of her daughter.
(d) Madame de Volanges is ill and wishes her daughter to stay with her.

11. How does Cécile generally feel about the prospect of soon being married?
(a) Haughty and snobbish.
(b) Excited, but confused.
(c) Depressed and dour.
(d) Anxious and frightened.

12. To whom does the Marquise de Merteuil confide her plots?
(a) Valmont.
(b) Madame de Volanges.
(c) Madame de Tourvel.
(d) Danceny.

13. On what issue does Cécile ask Merteuil's advice in letter 27?
(a) Which gown she should wear to the opera the next night.
(b) Whether Merteuil thinks Danceny will remain faithful.
(c) Whether she should tell her mother of her interest in Danceny.
(d) Whether it would be wrong to correspond with Danceny.

14. What event does Madame de Volanges' sudden illness threaten?
(a) Cécile's secret meeting with Danceny.
(b) Danceny's meeting with Madame de Tourvel.
(c) Merteuil's meeting with Valmont.
(d) Cécile's meeting with Valmont.

15. What euphemism does Merteuil use to refer to her lover?
(a) "Knight."
(b) "Distraction."
(c) "Swain."
(d) "Pastime."

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Danceny give his first note to Cécile?

2. What does Danceny's letter 28 accuse Cécile of?

3. With whom does Valmont conspire to trick and humiliate a new acquaintance?

4. What has Merteuil tricked Cécile into doing?

5. Whom does Merteuil want to manipulate into a relationship with Cécile?

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