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Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "libertine" generally refer to in 18th-century France?
(a) Sexual depravity.
(b) Pious worship of God.
(c) Conservative political ideals.
(d) Conventional wisdom.

2. What is Valmont and Danceny's relationship as of letter 57?
(a) Open and trusting.
(b) Wary and cautious.
(c) Vengeful and angry.
(d) They do not have a relationship.

3. How does Valmont spy on Madame de Tourvel?
(a) He climbs a balcony to look through her window.
(b) He uses a listening device in the room next to hers.
(c) He peeps through the keyhole of her room.
(d) He hides behind a tapestry in her room.

4. What is an "epistolary novel?"
(a) A novel set in Medieval times.
(b) A novel centering around a mythical being.
(c) A novel told from the perspective of a single character.
(d) A novel told through letters.

5. What is a "little house?"
(a) A temporary dwelling for those on the run from the law.
(b) The servants' quarters, attached to a large estate.
(c) A peasant hovel.
(d) A luxurious love-nest in the country.

6. How does Merteuil respond to Valmont's warning about the man who wants to pursue her?
(a) She ignores his warning and forgets the man.
(b) She resolves to reform the man's libertine ways.
(c) She takes Valmont's advice to beware.
(d) She decides to pursue the man.

7. What does Madame de Tourvel promise to Madame de Volanges in letter 11?
(a) That she will treat Valmont coldly.
(b) That she will request that Valmont leave the estate.
(c) That she will do everything Valmont asks of her.
(d) That she will consider no one's feelings, but her own.

8. Against whom does Valmont warn Merteuil in letter 70?
(a) Azolan.
(b) Bertram.
(c) Prévan.
(d) Danceny.

9. Who wrote the Publisher's Foreword to _Les Liasons Dangerueses_?
(a) The Duke d'Orleans.
(b) The owner of the shop in which the book was printed.
(c) Choderlos de Laclos.
(d) Laclos' wife, Marie-Soulange Duperré.

10. In letter 20, what does Merteuil promise Valmont upon the success of his seduction of Madame de Tourvel?
(a) That she will admit he is better at seductions than she.
(b) That she will never speak to him again.
(c) That she will sleep with him.
(d) That she will introduce him to another young lady.

11. What advice does Cécile's friend offer regarding Danceny's letter?
(a) Cécile should reply and chastise Danceny for taking such a liberty.
(b) Cécile should reply immediately and assure Danceny of her love.
(c) Cécile should show the letter to her mother.
(d) Cécile should not respond.

12. What message does the Publisher's Foreword give?
(a) It offers a comic summary of the novel.
(b) It encourages readers to thoroughly enjoy the novel
(c) It asserts the reality and truth of the novel's events.
(d) It warns the readers that this is a dangerous novel.

13. How did French society view Laclos after the publication of _Les Liaisons Dangereuses_?
(a) As a "mystery."
(b) As a "genius."
(c) As a "saint."
(d) As a "monster."

14. Whom does Danceny trust to help him continue his relationship with Cécile?
(a) Bertram.
(b) Madame de Rosemonde.
(c) Madame de Tourvel.
(d) Valmont.

15. Whom does Valmont plan to seduce?
(a) Merteuil.
(b) Josephine.
(c) Madame de Tourvel.
(d) Madame de Volanges.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Merteuil think is Valmont's greatest flaw in his plan of seduction?

2. What euphemism does Merteuil use to refer to her lover?

3. Where is Madame de Tourvel staying while her husband is away?

4. What does Madame de Tourvel allow Valmont to do?

5. What ruse does Valmont use to attempt to secretly rifle through Madame de Tourvel's letters?

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