Daily Lessons for Teaching Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction through Editor' Preface)


Introduction through Editor's Preface:

David Coward, the author of the Introduction, offers insight into Choderlos de Laclos' life, times, politics, and the various reactions to his novel. This lesson will encourage students to critically consider and question the meaning, the usefulness, and the importance of an editor's Introduction.


1. Class discussion: Do students find themselves always reading a book's introductory material if it is not written by the real author? Do they read it before they read the body of the book, or after? What do they use this material for? Do they consider (whether consciously or not) whether the opinion of the author of such prefatory material is "right," or do they question his or her stance?

2. Small group activity: In groups of three or four, each person should speak individually about the usefulness of Introductions, Prefaces, and Forewords and discuss everyone's responses as a...

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