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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is La Cote Male Taile?
(a) An evil man who wants to kill Arthur.
(b) A young man who tries to steal food from the court.
(c) An older man who is looking for Arthur.
(d) A young man who goes to Arthur to become a knight.

2. Who is the damsel in distress?
(a) Arthur's cousin.
(b) Lancelot's lover.
(c) Pellinore's sister.
(d) Pellinore's daughter.

3. What does Sir Kay name the man that has asked for three gifts?
(a) Bellis because he has a soft voice like bells.
(b) Bermuda, after the triangle.
(c) Beaumains, which means fair hands.
(d) Banter because he talks too much.

4. What is inside the ship that Arthur, Uriens and Accolon discover?
(a) It is filled with knights.
(b) It is decorated with silk, lit by hundreds of torches, and watched over by twelve maidens.
(c) It is empty and desolate.
(d) It is filled with snakes, reptiles, and thousands of bugs.

5. Who is the evil Knight that captures Ector?
(a) Bagdemagus.
(b) Turquine.
(c) Sir Carados.
(d) Lancelot.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does he meet his quota?

2. What is Isouds' reaction to Andred's news?

3. What is the significance of May Day?

4. What is Tor's background?

5. With whom does Pelleas fall in love?

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