Le Morte d'Arthur Character Descriptions

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- Agravaine

One of Gawain and Gareth's siblings, and also a nephew of Arthur. This person participates in Mordred's plots and in the murder of the person's own mother.

Archbishop of Canterbury

This person arranges for the gathering of the lords. This results in Arthur's successfully pulling Excalibur from the stone, and the lord's acceptance of him as their king.


He established a code of behavior, demanding that the knights be merciful, righteous, and honorable. On of the character's great strengths is the loyalty his men demonstrate for him. He dies in battle.

Lamorak de Galis

This person is famous for his valor and strength. He has an affair with Gawain and Lancelot's mother.

Bors de Ganis

This person accompanies Galahad on the Grail Quest. This person is full of humility and valor, and is rewarded for being pure when permitted to join Galahad in...

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