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Mark Peter Hughes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Olivia say she is nervous about?
(a) Her father's release from prison.
(b) What comes next.
(c) What's under her bed.
(d) Her exams.

2. From what does Olivia say the man her father was accused of killing die?
(a) A stroke.
(b) A gun wound.
(c) A heart attack.
(d) A knife wound.

3. Who helps Olivia bury the person who died in this section?
(a) Mo and Wen.
(b) Wen and Brenda.
(c) Scott and Branda.
(d) Stella and Charlie.

4. What does the nurse say Mo looks like?
(a) A bloody corpse.
(b) Life going down the drain.
(c) Death warmed over.
(d) A skeleton.

5. Which Lemonade Mouth song does Andrea say she slow dances to?
(a) Take Me Now.
(b) See Through.
(c) Flip Flop Phil.
(d) Skinny Nancy.

6. Olivia says Wen is lucky to have _________.
(a) A father living in the real world.
(b) A step mother.
(c) A caring family.
(d) A music talent.

7. Where do the band meet in this section?
(a) McPaper.
(b) Hardback Tom's.
(c) Paperback Joe's.
(d) Joe's Records.

8. Mo says she looks forward to eating with __________.
(a) Naomi.
(b) The dweebs.
(c) The freaks.
(d) Scott.

9. Whom is Scott trying to upset in this section?
(a) Mo.
(b) Ray.
(c) Mrs. Reznik.
(d) Lynn.

10. Who wrote the final song that Lemonade Mouth played?
(a) Stella.
(b) Wen.
(c) Olivia.
(d) Naomi.

11. Why is Charlie so exhausted on Friday?
(a) He had been practicing all night.
(b) He had been up all night watching European soccer.
(c) He had been crying all night.
(d) He had been drinking all night.

12. Who has banned Lemonade Mouth's CD?
(a) Scott.
(b) Mr. Brenigan.
(c) Ray.
(d) Mrs. Reznik.

13. Mo confesses that she is a __________.
(a) Bad person.
(b) Buddhist.
(c) Drug user.
(d) Fraud.

14. Who says Lemonade Mouth is unexpectedly powerful?
(a) Scott.
(b) Naomi.
(c) Mrs. Reznik.
(d) Manny.

15. Stella's mother invites her to _____________.
(a) Ice skating.
(b) Game fishing.
(c) A soccer game.
(d) Ice fishing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which contest does Scott say he has doubts about winning if Lemonade Mouth are involved?

2. Whose voice abuses Charlie's timidity with the beautiful girl?

3. What rock star is Stella posing with in the photo?

4. How does Seth Levine describe the faces of Lemonade Mouth?

5. What is the final song of Lemonade's performance?

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