Lemonade Mouth: Adapted Movie Tie-in Edition Short Essay - Answer Key

Mark Peter Hughes
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1. What does Wen think about his father's new girlfriend?

Wen's father has a new girlfriend, sixteen years younger than his father. To his father's face, Wen tells him that she is a good for nothing, studying most of the day for her graphic design course and doing no work around the house. Secretly however, he finds her very attractive - an attraction he feels ashamed of.

2. What problems does Wen have at his presentation?

Wen arrives at his social studies class late, but just in time to give his presentation on Bolivia. He has done a lot of work for it and has all the papers kept in a white envelope in his bag. Unfortunately, when he opens it he finds not his presentation, but naked pictures of father's girlfriend Sydney. He must have taken the wrong envelope.

3. How does Charlie get into trouble in his music class?

Charlie is dreaming about a girl in his class called Mo when a spitball fired into his hair wakes him up. Seeing the teacher paying no attention, he decides, for once in his life, to get his own back and fires a spit ball back at who he thinks is the culprit - Scott Pickett. Unfortunately, the spitball misses Scott and hits Mo. Her subsequent screaming draws the attention of the teacher Mrs. Reznik.

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