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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Susannah's father provide Alfred with an office in Helena?
(a) To keep him away from Susannah.
(b) To become a politician so that Alfred can support his economic interests.
(c) To keep him close to the family.
(d) To help give him some extra income.

2. The brothers and their father's Native American friend stop at a tavern where Tristan beats the owner for what reason?
(a) His prejudice against One Stab.
(b) His prejudice against Sitting Bull.
(c) His prejudice against Crazy Horse.
(d) His prejudice against One Heart.

3. Just after the stock market crash, Tristan, Isabel Two, Decker, and two ranch hands make a trip to deliver what?
(a) Horses.
(b) Opium.
(c) Hogs.
(d) Cattle.

4. What does Tristan learn when he visits Alfred in the hospital?
(a) Samuel married the homesteader's daughter.
(b) Samuel is missing.
(c) Samuel has returned home.
(d) Samuel has died.

5. Their father's Cheyenne friend, ____________, guides the brothers through the Montana wilderness.
(a) One Heart.
(b) Crazy Horse.
(c) One Stab.
(d) Sitting Bull.

6. Phillip talks philosophically about what?
(a) What happens when someone commits adultery.
(b) What educational approach is the most effective.
(c) What happens when a person's father dies.
(d) What is best for Mexico.

7. Alfred secretly loves Susannah. When he comes to visit, how does Susannah react to him?
(a) She falls in love with him.
(b) She flirts with him.
(c) She ignores him.
(d) She hardly notices him.

8. What does the company plan for Nordstrom's leaving?
(a) A dinner.
(b) A concert.
(c) A party.
(d) A dance.

9. What happens after Ludlow sends Decker to Helena for supplies?
(a) Ludlow receives a letter from his wife.
(b) A US Marshall comes to ask about Decker.
(c) Ludlow hears that his son died.
(d) One Stab returns home.

10. What happens when Tristan tries to calm Susannah?
(a) He ends up worrying her.
(b) He ends up giving her false hope again.
(c) He ends up upsetting her.
(d) He ends up angering her.

11. What does Tristan do to the officer?
(a) He beats him nearly to death.
(b) He shoots him.
(c) He yells at him.
(d) He tries to strangle him.

12. The honyocker's daughter leaves with what?
(a) Samuel's gold pocket watch.
(b) A photo of Samuel.
(c) Money.
(d) A lock of Samuel's hair.

13. What does Susannah get Tristan to do?
(a) Apologize to her.
(b) Make love to her.
(c) Leave her.
(d) Kiss her.

14. How does Tristan complete the mission?
(a) Without too much difficulty.
(b) With much difficulty.
(c) With some difficulty.
(d) Barely.

15. While Sarah is in the bathroom, what does Nordstrom do?
(a) He takes a gun from her purse and puts it under his mattress.
(b) He runs out of the hotel room.
(c) He looks out the window.
(d) He calls the police.

Short Answer Questions

1. Captain Ludlow makes Tristan cooperate with the British war mission for what reason?

2. Who are the three brothers?

3. Nordstrom tells Laura, Sonia, and Phillip that he plans to cash in his trip tickets and do what?

4. Sonia asks Nordstrom to visit her where?

5. One Stab accompanies Tristan to the train station and gives Tristan what, which Tristan keeps until his death at age eighty-four?

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