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A Dodge Powerwagon serves as this in REVENGE.

Mission Clinic

This is where Diller nurses Cochran back to health in REVENGE.

Necklace of Coyote teeth

In REVENGE, this is made of coyote teeth. Mauro hangs it over Cochran's bedpost during the supposed coma.

Pearl-Handled Knife

In REVENGE, Mauro gives Cochran this, which he says is lucky, to use for revenge.

Cigar Box of Money

In REVENGE, the Texan only accepts payment for his delivery in cash. The rancher pays him for delivering the stud horse with this.

Durango Whorehouse

In REVENGE, Tibey puts Miryea here as part of his revenge on her.


In REVENGE, Tibey moves Miryea here after Miryea kills a man.

Miryea's Guadalajaran folk song

In REVENGE, this is repeated several times. It overwhelms Cochran with sadness.


In REVENGE, this is a house that Amador leases for Cochran's stay near Durango to...

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