Legends of the Fall Character Descriptions

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Cochran - This character is the protagonist from the novel REVENGE who Mauro finds near the road, naked and wounded.

Tibey/Tibur├│n/(Senior) Baldassaro Mendez - This character is the antagonist in REVENGE. He is an extremely wealthy Mexican who owns both a Lear Jet and a twin Piper Comanche and frequently spends thousands of dollars on banquets.

Miryea - This character is the tragic heroine of REVENGE.

Mauro - This character is the Mexican peasant in REVENGE who finds Cochran. He is the custodian and ambulance driver for the mission.

Diller - This character is the Mennonite priest and doctor at the mission in REVENGE.

Antonio - This character is the effeminate male nurse at the mission in REVENGE.

Hector - This character is the captain of the Federales in REVENGE.

Aeromexico Pilot - Cochran's friend in REVENGE is his doubles partner and has this...

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