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F. Paul Wilson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack learn about the Land Rover on the night he and Alicia visit the Clayton House?
(a) It is voice controlled.
(b) It has hand controls for the gas and brake pedals.
(c) It plays only one song on the radio.
(d) It now heads in a different direction than before.

2. What do Baker's men find in the attic of Jack's country house?
(a) An expensive stamp collection.
(b) Moldy books and posters.
(c) Jack and Alicia.
(d) Toy cannons.

3. Where does Jack spend Christmas Eve?
(a) At Gia's.
(b) At the Victorian House.
(c) At the Center.
(d) On an airplane.

4. To whom does Jack give a fake check on the Thursday that he and Alicia review Ronald Clayton's will?
(a) A receptionist.
(b) A realtor.
(c) Thomas.
(d) Alicia.

5. What is strange about Ronald Clayton's will?
(a) It contains poetry passages.
(b) It is written in German.
(c) It is handwritten in red ink.
(d) It is a video will.

6. Who does Alicia call after she leaves the cabin in the woods?
(a) A well-known journalist.
(b) Gia.
(c) Will Matthews.
(d) Greenpeace.

7. Who is Alicia sitting with in the van, after her abduction on Thursday?
(a) Sam Baker.
(b) Thomas.
(c) Yoshio Takita.
(d) Kemel.

8. What is JAL 27?
(a) A sports figure.
(b) An alarm code.
(c) A key to decoding a message.
(d) An airliner.

9. How does Kemel die?
(a) He doesn't die.
(b) He shoots himself.
(c) He has a heart attack.
(d) From being shot by someone else.

10. Who does Jack beat up on the Thursday that Alicia is abducted in the van?
(a) Kemel.
(b) Thomas.
(c) Sam Baker.
(d) Yoshio Takita.

11. What does Alicia discover in her childhood bedroom?
(a) A toy car.
(b) A book.
(c) A message.
(d) A diary.

12. Where do Jack and Alicia find the blueprints?
(a) Inside of a wall.
(b) In a file cabinet.
(c) Inside of a book.
(d) In a safe.

13. What does Jack find in the safe box?
(a) A letter with instructions.
(b) Another key.
(c) Blueprints.
(d) Pictures.

14. What type of shoes does Yoshio wear when he follows Alicia and Jack after they burn items with Thomas?
(a) Cowboy boots.
(b) High heels.
(c) None- he is barefoot.
(d) Nike sneakers.

15. Where does Jack tell Alicia he will take her after she works at the Center, on the day after the country house incident?
(a) To a safe house.
(b) Back to the Clayton House.
(c) To Gia's for dinner.
(d) To her place.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Yoshio refer to Jack, before learning his name?

2. Where does Jack take Alicia when Sam Baker's men arrive at his country house?

3. What does Alicia tell Jack about Ronald Clayton's will the day after the arsonist dies?

4. What does Alicia decide to do with Ronald Clayton's blueprints on broadcast power?

5. Who learns that his eldest son has been arrested for theft, on the Thursday that Alicia is abducted?

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