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F. Paul Wilson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Thursday and Christmas Eve.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For whom does Yoshio work?
(a) Kaze Group.
(b) The Japanese Government.
(c) Desmond Chu.
(d) Seiryoku Group.

2. What best describes Gordon Haffner's appearance?
(a) A trim and toned athlete.
(b) A handsome and graying African-American.
(c) A plump, red-haired man.
(d) A tubby bald man.

3. Why does Milkdud tell Jack he got rid of his dreadlocks?
(a) He needed a new disguise.
(b) For his girlfriend.
(c) For a new job.
(d) They get in the way of a quick escape.

4. Why does Kemel believe that Allah is listening to his prayers?
(a) It appears that Alicia will settle.
(b) The rain stops.
(c) He finds a lucky mark on his clothing.
(d) He receives a blessing and a prediction.

5. What does Alicia do with the items that Jack finds in the safe deposit box?
(a) Makes copies and puts them in the mail.
(b) Puts them in a box and tapes it shut.
(c) Follow the directions provided.
(d) Shreds them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alicia discover in her childhood bedroom?

2. What is true about Hector the day after the detective visits Alicia at her apartment?

3. Who arrives at Alicia's apartment shortly after the detective leaves on the first Tuesday of the story?

4. What does Alicia do with the fire extinguisher?

5. What tempts Jack to go into another line of work, according to his own thoughts, on the day the toys are returned?

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