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F. Paul Wilson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tuesday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Yoshio Takita discover that Thomas Clayton goes on a regular basis?
(a) Our Lady of Perpetual Joy.
(b) Hooters.
(c) St. Patrick's School for Boys.
(d) Prancers.

2. Why does Jack consider referring Alicia to a lawyer friend as he walks back to the Center after giving someone a fake check in the story?
(a) To keep Thomas' backers busy.
(b) Alicia has asked him to find a lawyer.
(c) To help her with the molester's lawsuit.
(d) The friend has AIDS.

3. Why is Jack sorry that he got Alicia out of the van on the Thursday of her abduction?
(a) He thinks the key might belong to something in the van.
(b) He can't file a report against her abductor.
(c) She is getting on his nerves.
(d) He thinks she could have learned something given more time.

4. What does Alicia ask Jack to do about her father's house?
(a) Burn it.
(b) Stay there.
(c) Investigate its history.
(d) Guard it.

5. What do Baker's men find in the attic of Jack's country house?
(a) Moldy books and posters.
(b) Jack and Alicia.
(c) An expensive stamp collection.
(d) Toy cannons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Milkdud leave at the building where Thomas' lawyers work?

2. What does Alicia order for Hector when she visits him, the day after her first visit from the detective?

3. What is the name of Jorge's customer that is withholding payment?

4. Why does Milkdud tell Jack he got rid of his dreadlocks?

5. What does Jack discover in the Victorian house?

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