Legacies Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

F. Paul Wilson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wednesday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of shoes does Yoshio wear when he follows Alicia and Jack after they burn items with Thomas?
(a) Cowboy boots.
(b) High heels.
(c) Nike sneakers.
(d) None- he is barefoot.

2. What does Jack want Jorge to do when he meets with him on the same Friday he meets with Milkdud?
(a) Listen to a recording.
(b) Identify a photograph.
(c) Take some pictures.
(d) Wear a recording device.

3. What does Alicia discover in her childhood bedroom?
(a) A book.
(b) A diary.
(c) A toy car.
(d) A message.

4. How does Alicia get to the hospital after her Friday meeting with Will Matthews?
(a) Will drives her.
(b) Jack drives her.
(c) An ambulance.
(d) She drives.

5. Why does Will Matthews call Alicia on the Friday that Jack meets with Milkdud and Jorge?
(a) He asks her for someone's phone number.
(b) He has questions regarding the molester.
(c) He has new information on the molester.
(d) He asks her to go to a movie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Jack figure out the secret of the toy car?

2. Who is Vicky?

3. What is stolen from the Center for Children with AIDS in the first Friday section of the book?

4. Who is the Nail waiting for?

5. What was Alicia's relationship with her father before his death?

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