Daily Lessons for Teaching Legacies

F. Paul Wilson
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Lesson 1 (from Friday)



In the first section of the story, Jack, Alicia and Gia are all introduced as characters that go out of their way to improve the lives of others. Repairman Jack does this by pursuing justice outside of the normal routes. Alicia does it by working as a doctor and interim director at the Center for Children with AIDS. Gia does it by volunteering her time at the center. This lesson explores the author's approach to character development in this first section of the book.


1) Written- Make a KWL (Know/Want to Know/Learned) chart for the characters of Jack, Alicia and Gia. Start by filling in the K and W sections after reading the Friday section, and continue to add details throughout reading the novel. Write a one- to two-sentence synopsis of your impressions of these three characters.

2) Partner Activity- With a partner, discuss...

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