Legacies Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

F. Paul Wilson
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Essay Topic 1

Are Jack's actions in Legacies justified? Fully defend your point.

Essay Topic 2

What is the best use of symbolism in the novel? Explain why you decided what you did, and compare/contrast it against other examples of symbolism in the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Which character in the story best represents having good priorities in place? Which character best represents poorly prioritizing life?

Essay Topic 4

What determines whether or not the characters in legacy are vulnerable? Select three characters from the story and explain what their vulnerabilities are, how they are exposed in the story, and if or how that character deals with their vulnerability.

Essay Topic 5

Many symbolic items are used in the telling of Legacies, such as the lamp, the Center, and Ronald Clayton's safety deposit box. Select any three examples of symbolism in the novel and explain:

1) What it contributes to the story.

2) How...

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