Legacies Character Descriptions

F. Paul Wilson
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Dr. Alicia Clayton

This character is a doctor who specializes in pediatrics and infectious disease.

Repairman Jack

This character helps others in the novel to attain justice outside of the usual legal system.

Thomas Clayton

This character attempts to sell information on broadcast power to the Saudi Arabians and ends up getting shot.

Ronald Clayton

This is a scientist who invents broadcast power.

Gia DiLauro and VIcky Westphalen

These are the people who tempt another character to switch careers and spend Christmas Eve with AIDS babies.

Hector Lopez

This character is a 4-year-old with HIV who dies of complications from pneumonia.

Kemel Muhallal

A religious person and a member of Iswid Nahr, this person is homesick.

Yoshio Takita

This character works for Kaze Group.

Sam Baker

This person shoots Thomas and is the financial caretaker of a sick and elderly family member.

Khalid Nazer

This character is in...

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