Legacies Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

F. Paul Wilson
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• Dr. Alicia Clayton watches as her lawyer and his car explode.
• Alicia hires Jack to find the toys stolen from the Center for Children with AIDS.
• Sam Baker follows Alicia, after blowing up her lawyer and his car.
• Milkdud agrees to help Jack break into Thomas' lawyer's offices.
• Ramirez calls Jack in response to the Victorian house flier.
• Matthews tells Alicia about the second charges against the child molester.

Saturday and Sunday

• Santa Claus attacks the Nail, retrieves the toys, and the police arrest the Nail in front of the Center for Children with AIDS.
• Alicia visits Hector in the hospital.
• Gia refuses to marry Jack and pressures him to give up his dangerous line of work.
• Jack runs a scam on Ramirez and nets $12k from him and $15k from his competitor, Sung.
• Baker visits his mother and sister in the nursing home.
• Jack plans to...

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