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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It's been pointed out many times in "The Left Hand of Darkness," thus far, that the Gethenians are androgynous. What does "androgynous" mean?
(a) Both genders.
(b) No apparent gender--can't tell whether the being is male or female.
(c) Female.
(d) Male.

2. What name does Estraven give the man who rescues him?
(a) Therem of Estre.
(b) Estraven.
(c) Therem of Stok.
(d) Arek of Estre.

3. What is the name of the place where Estraven is granted asylum, to which he must travel?
(a) Orgoreyn.
(b) The Township of Mishnory.
(c) South Mishnory.
(d) Therem Harth.

4. What is Genly's opinion of Estraven's presence in Orgoreyn?
(a) He is glad that Estraven was able to find refuge.
(b) He believes it is a benefit.
(c) He is planning to betray Estraven to Tibe.
(d) He believes it is a complication.

5. What does Genly learn during his lunch with the local politicians?
(a) He learns that the King's child was born that morning, but survived less than an hour.
(b) He learns that Slose wants to make a religion out of him.
(c) He learns what the Sarf is.
(d) He learns that his life is in danger.

Short Answer Questions

1. What significance does the Sarf have for Genly?

2. Before he dies, what does Estraven II do?

3. How long does a journey from Gethen to the Prime World, Hain, take?

4. What is the purpose of the parade upon which Chapter 1 opens?

5. Who is the Prime Minister in Chapter 1?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Estraven enter dothe after he arrives at the farm where Genly is being held?

2. What is different about the love in the fable told in Chapter 9?

3. Investigator Oppong makes a comment about First Mobiles, specifically that they must be self-assured because their pride will suffer. How does this comment relate to Genly?

4. As in the two Gethenian myths encountered previously, what is one of the themes that Chapter 6 deals with? Explain.

5. How does Chapter 7 tie into Genly's story?

6. In Chapter 18, what effect does Genly say that Estraven's being in kemmer hadson him?

7. With what does Lord Berosty kill his kemmering?

8. In Chapter 19, how is betrayal portrayed?

9. After the reception for Genly is called off, what is the advice Estraven gives to him?

10. When Getheren 'took back his name and shadow,' what effect did it have on Shath and why?

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