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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before he dies, what does Estraven II do?
(a) He ends the feud with Stok by giving half the disputed land to the Domain of Stok.
(b) He wins the feud with Stok without any loss of land.
(c) He loses the feud with Stok, and Estre becoms part of the Domain of Stok.
(d) He wins the feud with Stok and claims the entire Domain for Estre.

2. What is the period of time during which a Gethenian is sexually active called?
(a) Heat.
(b) Kemmer.
(c) Estrus.
(d) Sommer.

3. What is the Foretellers' answer to the question that Genly asks them?
(a) The question is unanswerable.
(b) Maybe.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

4. Why does Chapter 5 say that Genly has come to Rer?
(a) He is discouraged after his failed meeting with the King and needs a break.
(b) He wants to live on a commune.
(c) He is looking for a job.
(d) He wishes to visit a nearby fastness and learn about what Foretellers do.

5. What is the primary conflict in Chapter 2 that sets its events in motion?
(a) Two hearths go to war against each other.
(b) Two brothers are commanded to vow kemmering.
(c) Two brothers are exiled.
(d) Two brothers are commanded to break their kemmering vow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the climate on the planet Gethen, year-round?

2. Why is it so monumental that Estraven and Stokven swore kemmering to each other?

3. What is the name of Lord Berosty's kemmering?

4. What is the price Genly is charged for an audience with the Foretellers?

5. After his return to Erhenrang, Genly sends Tibe a note. What is in this note?

Short Essay Questions

1. With what does this story say that Lord Berosty is obsessed with?

2. With what does Lord Berosty kill his kemmering?

3. After the reception for Genly is called off, what is the advice Estraven gives to him?

4. What "tale" of his planet does Genly tell Asra?

5. What behavior exhibited by Genly in chapter 19 when he goes into town to make a transmission to the Star Ship, shows that he has grown in his ability to be patient?

6. As in the two Gethenian myths encountered previously, what is one of the themes that Chapter 6 deals with? Explain.

7. What does it mean when Handdara, the Karhidish religion, is described as having duality?

8. What do High Priest Tuhulme's comments about Yomesh being a one-sided religion mean?

9. What is the significance of the completion of the Arch of River Gate?

10. Why does Estraven try to escape Kuseben, and why is he safe once aboard the harbor patrol ship?

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