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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does a journey from Gethen to the Prime World, Hain, take?
(a) 76 years.
(b) 100 years.
(c) 670 years.
(d) 67 years.

2. What happens for the first time in Chapter 6?
(a) We see the chapter's events unfold through Estraven's eyes.
(b) We see the themes of love and betrayal introduced.
(c) We see the chapter's events unfold through Genly Ai's eyes.
(d) We understand why Estraven was accused of treason.

3. What news comes from Argaven's palace during the month of Kus?
(a) The King is pregnant.
(b) The Queen is pregnant.
(c) The King has vowed kemmer.
(d) The King is dying.

4. Why does Genly wind up on a communal farm?
(a) He enjoyed his communal experience in Otherhord so much, he wants to relive it.
(b) He has to flee without his passport when fighting starts between Karhide and Orgoreyn..
(c) He is taken as a prisoner of war, and the farm is where all POWs are being held.
(d) He is broke and needs money.

5. This city is the capital of the nation of Karhide:
(a) The Island.
(b) Orgoreyn.
(c) Erhenrang.
(d) Berlin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why must Estraven escape on foot?

2. Where does the story in Chapter 2 take place?

3. What is the name of Lord Berosty's kemmering?

4. What religion are the Foretellers?

5. Why is it so monumental that Estraven and Stokven swore kemmering to each other?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is different about the love in the fable told in Chapter 9?

2. What "tale" of his planet does Genly tell Asra?

3. What is the nature of the relationship between Karhide and Orgoreyn?

4. What does Commissioner Shusgis do that is so surprising to Genly? Why does it surprise him?

5. What does Argaven do when he learns of Genly's whereabouts in Chapter 20?

6. What is the significance of the completion of the Arch of River Gate?

7. Why, in Chapter 15, are Genly and Estraven still calling each other by their last names (respectively, Ai and Therem)?

8. Is Estraven's loyalty to Karhide, or is it to Orgoreyn?

9. What does it mean when Handdara, the Karhidish religion, is described as having duality?

10. What is the Thangering Fastness?

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