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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before leaving his homeland, what does Getheren do?
(a) He steals the Hearth's wealth, thereby plunging it into poverty.
(b) He bundles up as warmly as he can to protect himself from the cold.
(c) He lays a curse upon the Hearth that plunges it into poverty.
(d) He vows kemmering to his brother, which earns him a death sentence.

2. What religion are the Foretellers?
(a) Karhidish.
(b) Orgota.
(c) Handdarata.
(d) Yomesh.

3. What does Genly think the reason for Tibe's frequent radio appearances is?
(a) Genly thinks Tibe is trying to overthrow the King.
(b) Genly thinks Tibe is going insane.
(c) Genly thinks Tibe is trying to incite war with Orgoreyn.
(d) Genly thinks Tibe is trying to help convince Karhide to become part of the Ekumen.

4. Two nights and one day after Estraven and Stokven become kemmers, Estraven is attacked by a party from Stok and presumed killed. Stokven tells his countrymen what to do with Estraven's body. Did they follow Stokven's orders?
(a) No, they leave him in the woods for the wild beasts to eat.
(b) Yes, they take him to Estre for burial.
(c) Yes, they leave him in the woods for the wild beasts to eat.
(d) No, they take him to Estre for burial.

5. After his return to Erhenrang, Genly sends Tibe a note. What is in this note?
(a) The question he had asked the Foretellers and the answer they gave him.
(b) A request to reconsider the decree exiling Estraven.
(c) A request for an explanation of why Tibe is making so many radio addresses.
(d) A request to help Genly get permission to enter Orgoreyn.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Getheren leaves Orhoch, what name does he travel under?

2. Whose name comes up during Estraven's dinner conversation with Commensals Yegey and Obsle?

3. What does Lord Berosty do after receiving his Foretelling?

4. Why does Chapter 5 say that Genly has come to Rer?

5. What does Genly do during his time in Otherhord, while he is waiting to be taken to the Foretellers?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does betrayal figure in Chapter 9?

2. Why does Estraven enter dothe after he arrives at the farm where Genly is being held?

3. In chapter 16, why does Estraven ignore Genly while he is in kemmer?

4. The Pering Ice and Gobrin Ice are mentioned in Chapter 2. What significance does this have?

5. Why does the First Ekumen send only one representative (Genly) to King Argaven to conduct negotiations with him on its behalf?

6. What does the answer given to Genly by the Foretellers foreshadow?

7. What "tale" of his planet does Genly tell Asra?

8. What is the date of the parade?

9. In Chapter 16, Genly keeps Estraven from falling during the earthquake and teaches him to play a game. Estraven restores the skin on Genly's face when it becomes frostbitten. What does this show about their relationship?

10. After the reception for Genly is called off, what is the advice Estraven gives to him?

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