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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the blizzard, what Earth game does Genly teach Estraven to play?
(a) Go.
(b) Go Fish.
(c) Mah Jongg.
(d) Chess.

2. When Genly and Estraven come out of Tarrenpeth Forest, a few days into their journey, what does Estraven use his previously-acquired hunting skills to trap?
(a) Pesthry, a fox-like carnivore.
(b) Pesthry, a type of game bird.
(c) Pesthry, a fox-like herbivore.
(d) Pesthry, a fox-like omnivore.

3. As Chapter 15 opens, where do Genly and Estraven decide to hide for the winter?
(a) Gobrin Ice.
(b) Gethen.
(c) Kerm Ice.
(d) Mishnory.

4. In the beginning, how were the hills and valleys made?
(a) Excrement was removed from the sleepers.
(b) As the ice melted, its movement formed hills and valleys.
(c) Excrement was pulled out of the ground.
(d) Excrement was pulled out of the sun.

5. After Genly is captured and imprisoned in a work camp, what happens to him every five days and what is the consequence?
(a) He is drugged and interrogated; he eventually dies because of it.
(b) He is drugged and interrogated; he eventually becomes seriously ill because of it.
(c) He is physically tortured; he eventually dies because of it.
(d) He is physically tortured; he eventually becomes seriously ill because of it.

6. In Chapter 20, who is the first off the Star Ship after it lands?
(a) A woman named Lang Heo Hew.
(b) Genly's immediate supervisor.
(c) A woman named Heo Lang Hew.
(d) Genly's wife.

7. In Chapter 18, Genly and Estraven have gone through much of the provisions they started with. What do we learn that Genly and Estraven are now relying on eating for nourishment?
(a) Pesthry and gichy-michy.
(b) Pesthry and orsh.
(c) Orsh and gichy-michy.
(d) All of the above.

8. By the end of Chapter 16, what has happened to Estraven?
(a) He has lost all patience with Genly.
(b) He has gone into kemmer.
(c) He is starving himself.
(d) He has gone into dothe.

9. What is Edondurath's house made from?
(a) Bricks.
(b) Sticks and hay.
(c) Snow and ice.
(d) The corpses of the others he had killed.

10. What does Genly do in Chapter 19 that he would not allow himself to do in Chapter 16?
(a) Genly breaks down and cries.
(b) Genly allows himself to trust Estraven.
(c) Genly stops and asks for directions.
(d) Genly has sex with Estraven.

11. In his continued arrogance, what does Genly refer to himself as, in comparison with Estraven?
(a) He considers himself a stallion and Estraven a pesthry.
(b) He considers himself a stallion and Estraven a mule.
(c) He considers himself a mule and Estraven a stallion.
(d) He considers himself an owl and Estraven a pigeon.

12. Why do Genly and Estraven want to go to Sassinoth?
(a) It has a transmitter, so Genly will be able to contact the Starship.
(b) It is a city of safe refuge; Estraven will be protected and not have to worry about Tibe's men.
(c) It is where Ashe is now living and Estraven wants to see him and their sons.
(d) It is where Agraven lives at this time of year, and they want an audience with him.

13. Whom does Genly visit at the end of spring?
(a) Esvans Harth ir rem Estraven, Estraven's father, and Arek, Estraven's older brother.
(b) Ashe, Estraven's former kemmering.
(c) Heo Lang Hew.
(d) The Weaver Orden.

14. After Estraven receives money from Genly, where does he find work?
(a) Estraven doesn't have a job.
(b) Estraven goes back to work in the icehouse, packing fish.
(c) Estraven takes a job in a plastics factory.
(d) Estraven finds work with the government.

15. What type of prisoner is Genly?
(a) Political prisoner.
(b) Prisoner of conscience.
(c) Prisoner of love.
(d) Prisoner of war.

Short Answer Questions

1. By the end of Chapter 16, how many total miles since leaving their first camp have Estraven and Genly covered?

2. When Genly and other prisoners are taken from their first detention facility, what is their destination?

3. What is the Karhidish religion's viewpoint on good and evil?

4. According to the Orgota creation myth, how many men were created?

5. Who agrees to take a message on Estraven's behalf to King Argaven regarding what has happened to Genly Ai?

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