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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Genly's meeting with Agraven, where is the Star Ship given clearance to land?
(a) The Corner Red Dwelling.
(b) The Round-Tower Dwelling.
(c) Gobrin Ice.
(d) Athten Fen.

2. What was the Gobrin Ice Plateau like, according to Genly's notes?
(a) A frozen lake.
(b) Mountains.
(c) A flat sheet of ice.
(d) A frozen storm-raised ocean.

3. What type of prisoner is Genly?
(a) Prisoner of love.
(b) Prisoner of conscience.
(c) Political prisoner.
(d) Prisoner of war.

4. What happens to Genly shortly after Estraven reappears in Chapter 11 to warn him?
(a) He is arrested and deported to Karhide.
(b) He is arrested and sentenced to death.
(c) He is arrested and taken to Kundershaden Prison.
(d) He is arrested and taken to the Pulefen Commensality Farm.

5. What illegal (according to the Law of Cultural Embargo) skill does Genly teach Estraven?
(a) Mind-speech.
(b) Levitation.
(c) Interplanetary travel.
(d) How to understand women.

6. What is the name of the first Karhidish village to which Genly and Estraven come?
(a) Sinoth.
(b) Kurkurast.
(c) Erhenrang.
(d) Sassinoth.

7. What does the sight of the Esherhoth Crags do for Estraven and Genly?
(a) It causes them to realize they went the wrong way.
(b) It encourages them.
(c) It frightens them.
(d) It discourages them.

8. According to the Orgota creation myth, how many men were created?
(a) 93.
(b) 2, one male and one female.
(c) 42.
(d) 39.

9. After Genly comes to live in Mishnory, what does Estraven find strange about how the local government is handling the presence of a First Mobile in their town?
(a) He finds it strange that Tibe's men didn't somehow follow Genly to Mishnory.
(b) He finds it strange that all information pertaining to Genly is censored by the Sarf.
(c) He finds it strange that his association with Genly hasn't cost him his job.
(d) He finds it strange that Genly is being talked about in the media as if he were a celebrity.

10. What does Estraven's social status change to after he receives the money from Genly?
(a) Dependent, meaning he is able to support himself.
(b) Unit, meaning he can't support himself.
(c) Dependent, meaning he can't support himself.
(d) Unit, meaning he is able to support himself.

11. On what day of their trip do Genly and Estraven eventually arrive in Karhide?
(a) The 51st day.
(b) The 18th day.
(c) The 100th day.
(d) The 81st day.

12. What is the name of the Orgota religion?
(a) Tuhulme.
(b) Orgoreyn.
(c) Handdara.
(d) Yomesh.

13. What happens during Estraven and Genly's descent of Mount Dremegole?
(a) Estraven slips on a patch of ice.
(b) A wheel gets stuck and the axle bends.
(c) The sledge tips and they lose sixty pounds of food.
(d) Genly twists his ankle.

14. How did Estraven thaw Genly's left eye when it froze shut?
(a) With warm water.
(b) With his breath and tongue.
(c) By rubbing it.
(d) With his breath.

15. As of the beginning of Chapter 18, for how many days had Genly and Estraven been traveling?
(a) 5 days.
(b) A year.
(c) 15 days.
(d) 50 days.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long ago did the High Priest compose the sayings in Chapter 12?

2. Whom does Estraven believe the people of Orgoreyn fear?

3. At one point, Genly finds himself alone in the dormitory with a dying inmate named Asra. What does Genly tell Asra about he people on his (Genly's) planet?

4. In his continued arrogance, what does Genly refer to himself as, in comparison with Estraven?

5. How does Estraven succeed in freeing Genly from his captivity?

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