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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Genly ask the Foretellers?
(a) Will Gethen become a member of the Ekumen of the Known Worlds within five years?
(b) Will Karhide be a member of the Ekumen of the Known Worlds within five years?
(c) Will Gethen be a member of the Ekumen of the Known Worlds within seven years?
(d) Will Karhide be a member of the Ekumen of the Known Worlds within seven years?

2. It's been pointed out many times in "The Left Hand of Darkness," thus far, that the Gethenians are androgynous. What does "androgynous" mean?
(a) No apparent gender--can't tell whether the being is male or female.
(b) Both genders.
(c) Male.
(d) Female.

3. Why does Genly wind up on a communal farm?
(a) He is broke and needs money.
(b) He has to flee without his passport when fighting starts between Karhide and Orgoreyn..
(c) He is taken as a prisoner of war, and the farm is where all POWs are being held.
(d) He enjoyed his communal experience in Otherhord so much, he wants to relive it.

4. What message does the king ask Genly to send to Hain using his communicator?
(a) Why did you send Genly here?
(b) What makes a man loyal?
(c) Why do you want my nation to join the Ekumen?
(d) What makes a man a traitor?

5. What does Genly learn during his lunch with the local politicians?
(a) He learns that his life is in danger.
(b) He learns what the Sarf is.
(c) He learns that the King's child was born that morning, but survived less than an hour.
(d) He learns that Slose wants to make a religion out of him.

6. After his return to Erhenrang, Genly sends Tibe a note. What is in this note?
(a) A request to reconsider the decree exiling Estraven.
(b) The question he had asked the Foretellers and the answer they gave him.
(c) A request to help Genly get permission to enter Orgoreyn.
(d) A request for an explanation of why Tibe is making so many radio addresses.

7. If a Gethenian becomes pregnant, how long is the gestation period (i.e., the amount of time it takes before the baby is born)?
(a) 4.8 months.
(b) 8.4 months.
(c) 9 months.
(d) Gethenians don't experience pregnancy.

8. What does the mysterious man give the warder at Estre Gate?
(a) A note from Therem of Stok requesting parley with the Lord of Estre.
(b) A baby, whom he says is Therem, the son's son of Estre.
(c) News of Estraven's (otherwise known as Arek of Estre) death.
(d) The Domain of Stok's war plans.

9. What happens to Getheren on the third morning after his departure from his homeland?
(a) He finds shelter in an abandoned hunting camp.
(b) His hands and feet are frostbitten.
(c) He commits suicide.
(d) He is rescued and granted asylum by his rescuers.

10. This city is the capital of the nation of Karhide:
(a) Berlin.
(b) Erhenrang.
(c) The Island.
(d) Orgoreyn.

11. What is the significance of the title of Chapter 4, "The Nineteenth Day?"
(a) The Nineteenth Day is the day, in any month, on which Lord Berosty's kemmering will die.
(b) The Nineteenth Day is the day, in any month, on which Lord Berosty is predicted to die
(c) The nineteenth day, in any month, is Lord Berosty's forecasted wedding date.
(d) Nineteen is the number of children Lord Berosty is forecasted to have.

12. Why does the Ekumen send only one representative to Karhide?
(a) Genly is the only ambassador who knows how to speak the Gethenite language.
(b) It is a trick; in actuality, the Ekumen have troops waiting to invade as soon as Genly gives the word to do so.
(c) They are low on resources.
(d) The Ekumen believe that one voice speaking truth is a greater force than fleets and armies.

13. What answer (in part) does the king receive?
(a) I sent Genly to you to ask your nation to join the Ekumen.
(b) I do not know what makes a man loyal.
(c) I want Gethen to join the Ekumen to promote universal peace and harmony.
(d) I do not know what makes a man a traitor.

14. What is Genly's opinion of Estraven's presence in Orgoreyn?
(a) He is planning to betray Estraven to Tibe.
(b) He is glad that Estraven was able to find refuge.
(c) He believes it is a benefit.
(d) He believes it is a complication.

15. Why does Genly return to Erhenrang in Chapter 8 after spending his summer on the Eastern Coast?
(a) He wants to plead Estraven's case.
(b) He wants to be present for the birth of the King's child.
(c) He doesn't want to spend the winter in Old Karhide.
(d) He wants to warn the King about Tibe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Lord Berosty after his kemmering's death?

2. What is the name of the place where Estraven is granted asylum, to which he must travel?

3. What is the bridge on the river Ey?

4. What is the origin of the story told in Chapter 4?

5. What do the Investigator's field notes say about being a First Mobile on Winter?

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