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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the Prime Minister in Chapter 1?
(a) Therem Harth rem ir Estraven (Estraven for short).
(b) Tony Blair.
(c) Pemmer Harge rem ir Tibe ('Tibe' for short) .
(d) Genly Ai.

2. After leaving Kuseben, where does Estraven first land?
(a) Shelt Port, Orgoreyn.
(b) The Orgny Fastness.
(c) The Gulf of Charisune.
(d) Mishnory.

3. Why does Chapter 5 say that Genly has come to Rer?
(a) He is discouraged after his failed meeting with the King and needs a break.
(b) He wishes to visit a nearby fastness and learn about what Foretellers do.
(c) He is looking for a job.
(d) He wants to live on a commune.

4. Why is it so monumental that Estraven and Stokven swore kemmering to each other?
(a) They are the same gender.
(b) They are brothers.
(c) They are enemies.
(d) They are of different races.

5. What happens to Lord Berosty after his kemmering's death?
(a) Lord Berosty is tried and executed for the kemmering's murder... on the nineteenth day of the month of Thern.
(b) Lord Berosty relocates permanently to the Thangering Fastness and becomes a monk.
(c) He goes mad and hangs himself on the nineteenth day of the month of Thern.
(d) Lord Berosty grieves, but eventually finds another kemmering.

6. What happens to Getheren on the third morning after his departure from his homeland?
(a) He commits suicide.
(b) He finds shelter in an abandoned hunting camp.
(c) His hands and feet are frostbitten.
(d) He is rescued and granted asylum by his rescuers.

7. Between which two domains is the blood feud in Chapter 9?
(a) The Domain of Shath and the Domain of Estre.
(b) The Domain of Stok and the Domain of Estre.
(c) The Domain of Shath and the Domain of Stok.
(d) The Domain of Karhide and the Domain of Orgoreyn.

8. Why does the Ekumen send only one representative to Karhide?
(a) They are low on resources.
(b) Genly is the only ambassador who knows how to speak the Gethenite language.
(c) It is a trick; in actuality, the Ekumen have troops waiting to invade as soon as Genly gives the word to do so.
(d) The Ekumen believe that one voice speaking truth is a greater force than fleets and armies.

9. What is the Gethenians' mating cycle known as?
(a) Being in heat.
(b) Kemmer.
(c) Mating cycle.
(d) Libido.

10. What is the climate on the planet Gethen, year-round?
(a) The planet experiences all four seasons.
(b) Cold and freezing.
(c) Cool and rainy.
(d) Warm and sunny.

11. Who visits Genly the morning following the dinner with which Chapter 8 ends?
(a) The Commensals.
(b) Tibe.
(c) Estraven.
(d) Argaven.

12. What is the name of the Investigator who documents Gethenians' androgyny?
(a) Oppong Tot Ong.
(b) Ong Tot Oppong.
(c) Tot Ong Oppong.
(d) Oppong Ong Tot.

13. Where does the second Estraven in Chapter 9 (Estraven II) wind up after his failed hunting trip?
(a) Dying in the wilderness, with his body eaten by wild beasts.
(b) Back home in Estre.
(c) Falling into Icefoot Lake and drowning.
(d) The home of Therem of Stok.

14. What does Genly do during his time in Otherhord, while he is waiting to be taken to the Foretellers?
(a) Genly tries to convince Otherhord to become part of the Ekumen.
(b) Genly works in the village's general store.
(c) Genly assists in the communal work of field labor, gardening, woodcutting, and maintenance.
(d) Genly is apprenticed to the blacksmith.

15. What is the name of Karhide's king?
(a) King Argaven XIV.
(b) King Arthur.
(c) King Argaven XV.
(d) King Aragon.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Genly's journey to Rer, which is described in Chapter 5, take?

2. What is the Sarf?

3. How far is Rer from Karhide?

4. What does the mysterious man give the warder at Estre Gate?

5. If a Gethenian becomes pregnant, how long is the gestation period (i.e., the amount of time it takes before the baby is born)?

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