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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Genly Ai spend the summer?
(a) Genly spends the summer in Mishnory, working in the ice-house with Estraven.
(b) Genly spends the summer traveling, observing, and listening.
(c) Genly spends the summer in Passerer, trying o avert war with Siuwensin.
(d) Genly spends the summer in Karhide, hiding from Tibe.

2. What does the mysterious man give the warder at Estre Gate?
(a) A note from Therem of Stok requesting parley with the Lord of Estre.
(b) News of Estraven's (otherwise known as Arek of Estre) death.
(c) A baby, whom he says is Therem, the son's son of Estre.
(d) The Domain of Stok's war plans.

3. By the end of Chapter 10, what is Genly starting to realize?
(a) He's starting to realize that something's not quite right; Orgoreyn isn't as it appears.
(b) He's starting to realize that his initial impressions were accurate and that Orgoreyn is much more advanced and civilized than Karhide.
(c) He's starting to realize that his first impressions were wrong and that Karhide is much more advanced and civilized than Orgoreyn.
(d) He's starting to realize that the secret police, not the King, are running Karhide.

4. After his return to Erhenrang, Genly sends Tibe a note. What is in this note?
(a) A request to help Genly get permission to enter Orgoreyn.
(b) A request to reconsider the decree exiling Estraven.
(c) The question he had asked the Foretellers and the answer they gave him.
(d) A request for an explanation of why Tibe is making so many radio addresses.

5. What, in the report documented in Chapter 7, does the Investigator say is an "appalling experience?"
(a) Having sex with a Gethenian.
(b) Watching a Gethenian give birth.
(c) Being judged as a Gethenian.
(d) Being judged as a human.

6. Who is waiting for Estraven at the city gate when he arrives in Kuseben?
(a) His two sons.
(b) Genly Ai.
(c) Tibe.
(d) Ashe, his former kemmering.

7. What is the gender of the inhabitants of Gethen?
(a) Androgynous.
(b) Male and female.
(c) Entirely female.
(d) Entirely male.

8. Before he dies, what does Estraven II do?
(a) He ends the feud with Stok by giving half the disputed land to the Domain of Stok.
(b) He loses the feud with Stok, and Estre becoms part of the Domain of Stok.
(c) He wins the feud with Stok and claims the entire Domain for Estre.
(d) He wins the feud with Stok without any loss of land.

9. If a Gethenian becomes pregnant, how long is the gestation period (i.e., the amount of time it takes before the baby is born)?
(a) 4.8 months.
(b) 8.4 months.
(c) 9 months.
(d) Gethenians don't experience pregnancy.

10. What is Genly's opinion of Estraven's presence in Orgoreyn?
(a) He is planning to betray Estraven to Tibe.
(b) He believes it is a complication.
(c) He believes it is a benefit.
(d) He is glad that Estraven was able to find refuge.

11. Who finds Getheren on the ninth day after he leaves his homeland?
(a) The people of Orhoch Hearth.
(b) Hode.
(c) No one; he dies of exposure as a result.
(d) The posse sent by the Lord of Hearth.

12. What does Genly think the reason for Tibe's frequent radio appearances is?
(a) Genly thinks Tibe is trying to incite war with Orgoreyn.
(b) Genly thinks Tibe is trying to help convince Karhide to become part of the Ekumen.
(c) Genly thinks Tibe is going insane.
(d) Genly thinks Tibe is trying to overthrow the King.

13. What is the name of the place where Estraven is granted asylum, to which he must travel?
(a) South Mishnory.
(b) Orgoreyn.
(c) The Township of Mishnory.
(d) Therem Harth.

14. Who visits Genly the morning following the dinner with which Chapter 8 ends?
(a) Estraven.
(b) Argaven.
(c) Tibe.
(d) The Commensals.

15. What is the nineteenth day of the month known as?
(a) Osdreth.
(b) The nineteenth day.
(c) Charuthe.
(d) Thangering.

Short Answer Questions

1. What message does the king ask Genly to send to Hain using his communicator?

2. What is the advice that Estraven gives Genly during his visit to Genly's apartment in Mishnory?

3. Why must Estraven escape on foot?

4. The planet on which Genly Ai is stationed is called 'Gethen' by its inhabitants. What do humans know this planet as?

5. How long does Genly's journey to Rer, which is described in Chapter 5, take?

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