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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After he loses his registration due to a change in the Alien Registry Law, what happens to Estraven?
(a) He regains his registration and goes back to his previous job.
(b) He loses his refugee status and is taken back to Gethen to meet his fate.
(c) He is made one of Commensal Yegey's secretaries and regains his registration.
(d) He continues to live in his new home as an illegal alien.

2. In this story, what does the main character, Lord Berosty, do?
(a) Lord Berosty requests a Foretelling of the Weaver Odren as to what day his kemmering will die.
(b) Lord Berosty asks the Weaver Odren how many children he will have.
(c) Lord Berosty asks the Weaver Odren if he will ever get married.
(d) Lord Berosty requests a Foretelling of the Weaver Odren as to what day he will die.

3. What does Genly carry in the case that he brings to his meeting with King Argaven?
(a) Money and gifts that were sent by the Ekumen to the king.
(b) His ansible communicator and pictures.
(c) Pictures.
(d) His ansible communicator.

4. Do Gethenians become pregnant as males, or as females?
(a) Either gender can become pregnant.
(b) Males.
(c) Gethenians don't experience pregnancy.
(d) Females.

5. Shortly after his arrival in Orgoreyn, Genly is invited to lunch with Commensals Obsle and Yegey. What information does Genly divulge to his hosts during this luncheon?
(a) He tells them about his ship, and also that a NAFAL ship is orbiting the planet.
(b) He tells them that his ship is in Orgoreyn and invites them for a visit.
(c) He tells them that Tibe is trying to start a war with Orgoreyn.
(d) He tells them about his ship, and also that a Star Ship is currently orbiting the planet.

6. If a Gethenian becomes pregnant, how long is the gestation period (i.e., the amount of time it takes before the baby is born)?
(a) 9 months.
(b) 4.8 months.
(c) Gethenians don't experience pregnancy.
(d) 8.4 months.

7. What is the bridge on the river Ey?
(a) A movie about POWs during the Second World War.
(b) The border between Karhide and Orgoreyn.
(c) The border between Gorinhering and Erhenrang.
(d) The border between Orgoreyn and Mishnory.

8. Who finds Getheren on the ninth day after he leaves his homeland?
(a) The people of Orhoch Hearth.
(b) No one; he dies of exposure as a result.
(c) Hode.
(d) The posse sent by the Lord of Hearth.

9. When Stokven realizes he was lied to, what does he do?
(a) He banishes the men who lied to him.
(b) He becomes a traitor to his country and moves to Estre.
(c) He gives up his position and relocates permanently to a fastness.
(d) He kills the men who lied to him.

10. What is the name of Lord Berosty's kemmering?
(a) Estraven.
(b) Ashe.
(c) Herbor of the Geganner clan.
(d) Geganner of the Herbor clan.

11. What does Lord Berosty do after receiving his Foretelling?
(a) He decides to live life to the fullest and starts living like a daredevil.
(b) He kills his kemmering.
(c) He commits suicide immediately.
(d) He returns to one of his family domains and locks himself in the Hearth-Tower for ten months.

12. What important concept is brought up again in Chapter 10?
(a) Facade and veneer.
(b) Love and betrayal.
(c) Honesty and genuineness.
(d) Death and life.

13. Is it possible for a Gethenian to change gender from one period of sexual activity to another?
(a) Maybe.
(b) Yes.
(c) No.
(d) The book does not specify.

14. In Chapter 1, who is Pemmer Harge rem ir Tibe ('Tibe' for short) described as?
(a) The king's cousin.
(b) The Prime Minister.
(c) The mayor of Erhenrang.
(d) There is no one in the book by this name.

15. What do the Commensals want to do with the information Genly gives to them during lunch?
(a) They want to visit Genly's ship.
(b) They want to have the Star Ship land in Orgota in order to bring prestige to themselves and the nation.
(c) They want to send an assassin to kill Tibe.
(d) They want to shoot down the NAFAL ship and kill Genly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Genly think about going next, and where does he actually decide to go?

2. When Genly finally gets to Mishnory, whom does he find there?

3. What takes place between Estraven II and Therem of Stok?

4. Who tells Getheren that he is in danger of suicide?

5. Two nights and one day after Estraven and Stokven become kemmers, Estraven is attacked by a party from Stok and presumed killed. Stokven tells his countrymen what to do with Estraven's body. Did they follow Stokven's orders?

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