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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is waiting for Estraven at the city gate when he arrives in Kuseben?
(a) Tibe.
(b) His two sons.
(c) Ashe, his former kemmering.
(d) Genly Ai.

2. Shortly after Genly sends his letter to Tibe, Ashe visits him. What is the purpose of Ashe's visit?
(a) He wants Genly to take money to Estraven.
(b) He wants to invite Genly to dinner.
(c) He wants to warn Genly that his life is in danger.
(d) He wants Genly to take him to Estraven.

3. Who is the Prime Minister in Chapter 1?
(a) Therem Harth rem ir Estraven (Estraven for short).
(b) Pemmer Harge rem ir Tibe ('Tibe' for short) .
(c) Tony Blair.
(d) Genly Ai.

4. What is the nature of the request made by Genly Ai in Chapter 6?
(a) He asks Estraven to pledge kemmering to him.
(b) He asks to be taken to Shelt Port.
(c) He requests permission to enter the Commensality.
(d) He requests asylum in Orgoreyn.

5. What is the name of the Investigator who documents Gethenians' androgyny?
(a) Oppong Ong Tot.
(b) Tot Ong Oppong.
(c) Oppong Tot Ong.
(d) Ong Tot Oppong.

6. What is the nineteenth day of the month known as?
(a) Charuthe.
(b) Osdreth.
(c) The nineteenth day.
(d) Thangering.

7. After his return to Erhenrang, Genly sends Tibe a note. What is in this note?
(a) The question he had asked the Foretellers and the answer they gave him.
(b) A request for an explanation of why Tibe is making so many radio addresses.
(c) A request to help Genly get permission to enter Orgoreyn.
(d) A request to reconsider the decree exiling Estraven.

8. How does Genly Ai spend the summer?
(a) Genly spends the summer in Mishnory, working in the ice-house with Estraven.
(b) Genly spends the summer in Karhide, hiding from Tibe.
(c) Genly spends the summer traveling, observing, and listening.
(d) Genly spends the summer in Passerer, trying o avert war with Siuwensin.

9. What do the Commensals want to do with the information Genly gives to them during lunch?
(a) They want to shoot down the NAFAL ship and kill Genly.
(b) They want to send an assassin to kill Tibe.
(c) They want to have the Star Ship land in Orgota in order to bring prestige to themselves and the nation.
(d) They want to visit Genly's ship.

10. What is the primary conflict in Chapter 2 that sets its events in motion?
(a) Two brothers are exiled.
(b) Two hearths go to war against each other.
(c) Two brothers are commanded to vow kemmering.
(d) Two brothers are commanded to break their kemmering vow.

11. What does Genly learn during his lunch with the local politicians?
(a) He learns what the Sarf is.
(b) He learns that Slose wants to make a religion out of him.
(c) He learns that the King's child was born that morning, but survived less than an hour.
(d) He learns that his life is in danger.

12. What does Genly think the reason for Tibe's frequent radio appearances is?
(a) Genly thinks Tibe is trying to overthrow the King.
(b) Genly thinks Tibe is trying to incite war with Orgoreyn.
(c) Genly thinks Tibe is trying to help convince Karhide to become part of the Ekumen.
(d) Genly thinks Tibe is going insane.

13. Before leaving his homeland, what does Getheren do?
(a) He vows kemmering to his brother, which earns him a death sentence.
(b) He bundles up as warmly as he can to protect himself from the cold.
(c) He steals the Hearth's wealth, thereby plunging it into poverty.
(d) He lays a curse upon the Hearth that plunges it into poverty.

14. What is the name of Lord Berosty's kemmering?
(a) Herbor of the Geganner clan.
(b) Estraven.
(c) Ashe.
(d) Geganner of the Herbor clan.

15. What themes are highlighted in the story told in Chapter 4?
(a) Love and hatred.
(b) Suicide and murder.
(c) Obsession and compulsion.
(d) Love and betrayal.

Short Answer Questions

1. This city is the capital of the nation of Karhide:

2. What happens to Getheren on the third morning after his departure from his homeland?

3. How long does a journey from Gethen to the Prime World, Hain, take?

4. What is the climate on the planet Gethen, year-round?

5. What does Odren tell Lord Berosty's kemmering?

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