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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19, Homecoming.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Estraven believe the people of Orgoreyn fear?
(a) Genly.
(b) Karhide.
(c) Estraven.
(d) Each other.

2. What is the nature of the request made by Genly Ai in Chapter 6?
(a) He asks Estraven to pledge kemmering to him.
(b) He requests asylum in Orgoreyn.
(c) He requests permission to enter the Commensality.
(d) He asks to be taken to Shelt Port.

3. According to the Orgota creation myth, what will happen to the world at its end?
(a) An asteroid will hit the planet and blow it up.
(b) The sun will devour itself, shadow will eat light, and there will once again be nothing but darkness and ice.
(c) The sun will explode and melt all the ice.
(d) The sun will devour itself and the planet will turn to a dead rock.

4. What do the Commensals want to do with the information Genly gives to them during lunch?
(a) They want to visit Genly's ship.
(b) They want to send an assassin to kill Tibe.
(c) They want to shoot down the NAFAL ship and kill Genly.
(d) They want to have the Star Ship land in Orgota in order to bring prestige to themselves and the nation.

5. What happens to Genly shortly after Estraven reappears in Chapter 11 to warn him?
(a) He is arrested and sentenced to death.
(b) He is arrested and taken to Kundershaden Prison.
(c) He is arrested and deported to Karhide.
(d) He is arrested and taken to the Pulefen Commensality Farm.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Estraven acquire the initial supplies and food for the winter journey?

2. Why does Genly wind up on a communal farm?

3. What literary construct is intended by the introduction into the story of Argaven's pregnancy?

4. What is the name of the Orgota religion?

5. Who is waiting for Estraven at the city gate when he arrives in Kuseben?

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