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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Mad King.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the Prime Minister in Chapter 1?
(a) Tony Blair.
(b) Pemmer Harge rem ir Tibe ('Tibe' for short) .
(c) Genly Ai.
(d) Therem Harth rem ir Estraven (Estraven for short).

2. Who finds Getheren on the ninth day after he leaves his homeland?
(a) The posse sent by the Lord of Hearth.
(b) Hode.
(c) The people of Orhoch Hearth.
(d) No one; he dies of exposure as a result.

3. What does Genly carry in the case that he brings to his meeting with King Argaven?
(a) Pictures.
(b) His ansible communicator.
(c) Money and gifts that were sent by the Ekumen to the king.
(d) His ansible communicator and pictures.

4. What message does the king ask Genly to send to Hain using his communicator?
(a) Why do you want my nation to join the Ekumen?
(b) What makes a man loyal?
(c) What makes a man a traitor?
(d) Why did you send Genly here?

5. What answer (in part) does the king receive?
(a) I want Gethen to join the Ekumen to promote universal peace and harmony.
(b) I do not know what makes a man a traitor.
(c) I sent Genly to you to ask your nation to join the Ekumen.
(d) I do not know what makes a man loyal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before leaving his homeland, what does Getheren do?

2. What is the Gethenians' mating cycle known as?

3. What is the climate on the planet Gethen, year-round?

4. Which picture offends the king when Genly shows it to him?

5. What is Genly Ai's mission?

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