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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, An Orgota Creation Myth.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the story in Chapter 9 about?
(a) Stokven, Therem of Stok.
(b) Estraven, the former prime minster of Karhide who has been granted asylum in Mishnory.
(c) King Argaven's ancestors.
(d) Estraven, an ancestor of the Estraven who was once Prime Minister of Karhide.

2. What name does Estraven give the man who rescues him?
(a) Therem of Estre.
(b) Arek of Estre.
(c) Estraven.
(d) Therem of Stok.

3. What is the purpose of Genly's meeting with the king?
(a) To pledge kemmering to the king.
(b) To convince the king that he is an envoy from another planet, and to start a dialogue about Gethen becoming part of the Ekumen.
(c) To talk to the king about Estraven.
(d) To ask permission to travel to Orgoreyn.

4. What does Lord Berosty do after receiving his Foretelling?
(a) He kills his kemmering.
(b) He decides to live life to the fullest and starts living like a daredevil.
(c) He commits suicide immediately.
(d) He returns to one of his family domains and locks himself in the Hearth-Tower for ten months.

5. What unanswerable question did the Lord of Shorth, according to Goss, force the foretellers to answer?
(a) What happens after death?
(b) What is the meaning of life?
(c) When will I die?
(d) Why is the sky blue?

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the period of time during which a Gethenian is sexually active called?

2. Who tells Getheren that he is in danger of suicide?

3. What does Genly do during his time in Otherhord, while he is waiting to be taken to the Foretellers?

4. What does Genly think the reason for Tibe's frequent radio appearances is?

5. What, in the report documented in Chapter 7, does the Investigator say is an "appalling experience?"

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