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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, On Time and Darkness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Gethenians' sexual orientation, according to Chapter 3?
(a) Heterosexual.
(b) Asexual.
(c) Androgynous.
(d) Homosexual.

2. What is the result of Genly's meeting with the king?
(a) The meeting is successful; Karhide becomes part of the Ekumen.
(b) The meeting is not successful; the king is not interested in Karhide becoming part of the Ekumen.
(c) It is a good "get to know you" meeting; the king is interested in learning more about the Ekumen and schedules a second discussion with Genly.
(d) The king is so offended by Genly's pictures that he has Genly imprisoned.

3. What is the proclamation made just before Genly is taken in to see the king?
(a) A bounty has been set on Genly's head.
(b) The king is terminally ill.
(c) Estraven is to be made second-in-command.
(d) Estraven is to be stripped of his titles and exiled for committing treason.

4. How does Genly finance the trip he takes in Chapter 5?
(a) He sells two of his rubies.
(b) He sells one of his rubies.
(c) He charges it on his credit card.
(d) He pays for it with cash.

5. What message does the king ask Genly to send to Hain using his communicator?
(a) What makes a man a traitor?
(b) Why did you send Genly here?
(c) What makes a man loyal?
(d) Why do you want my nation to join the Ekumen?

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the story in Chapter 9 about?

2. What takes place between Estraven II and Therem of Stok?

3. What does Genly ask the Foretellers?

4. What is the monogamous partnership between two Gethenians called?

5. What name does Estraven give the man who rescues him?

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