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The inhabitants of Gethen eat four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper. Pretend you are the head of a household and plan out a day's worth of meals, using the typical Gethenian foods described in Chapter 1.. What would you serve for each meal?

Snowed In

Pretend you are caught in the middle of a blizzard, as Getheren was. What would you do to: a) find your way out; b) ensure that you remain safe?

Other Cultures

The pictures that Genly carried in his case shocked and offended the King because of the difference in culture between Gethen and the members of the Ekumen. Find pictures representing members of cultures other than your family's native culture, and discuss in a small group what is both attractive and disconcerting to you when you look at the pictures.

Methods of Forecasting

The Weaver Odren was able to...

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