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Beck Weathers
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Beck stay for a couple days before heading to Lukla?
(a) In India.
(b) In Tibet meditating.
(c) At a hotel in Katmandu.
(d) In Pokhra.

2. What gave Beck motivation?
(a) He saw a bright light that went ahead of him.
(b) Thinking about his family.
(c) He heard God's voice in his head.
(d) Thinking about getting Yasuko to safety.

3. What was unusual about the conversation with Beck on Monday from Peach's point of view?
(a) Beck asked about her feelings.
(b) Beck wanted to talk with his family.
(c) Nothing was unusual.
(d) Beck seemed so well.

4. What does the caller tell Peach about Beck?
(a) He would be delayed getting off the mountain for a few days.
(b) He was in the hospital at Katmandu.
(c) He died on Everest.
(d) He was off the mountain but under arrest for not getting the proper permits.

5. Why is Peach frustrated?
(a) She cannot talk to Beck.
(b) She is receiving conflicting news.
(c) She cannot get a flight to Nepal.
(d) No one is there to help her dying husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who fell to his death in Beck's party?

2. About what did Beck write while in base camp?

3. Why was Beck almost suffocated in his tent?

4. What did Peach not realize when someone called her and said Beck was alive?

5. How low did the temperature go where Beck trapped?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened after Mike Groom arrived?

2. How did Beck overcome the boredom at base camp?

3. Why did the search party leave Beck and Yasuko where they found them?

4. What did Beck say was the reason he climbed, and what was the impact of his climbing on his family?

5. What is the date at the opening chapter and what is Beck doing?

6. What does the rest of Chapter 7 describe after Beck arrives at Camp II?

7. What does Peach say about Beck's and her relationship in Chapter 8?

8. What did three Sherpas and Stuart Hutchinson find after they set out to locate Yasuko and Beck?

9. What happened when the camp radioed down the mountain about Beck's arrival?

10. Why did Dan fly to be with Beck while Beck was in a hotel recovering?

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