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Beck Weathers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Beck nickname his depression?
(a) The Black Dog.
(b) The Dark Hound.
(c) The Thing.
(d) The Black Miasma.

2. Why did Beck run out of food on his second major climb?
(a) They did not plan on needing so much food.
(b) He was stuck at base camp due to a storm.
(c) They dropped a pack down a crevasse.
(d) Several of their meals got soaked and spoiled.

3. What was Beck proud to overcome?
(a) Fear of making a bad decision.
(b) Fear of being alone in the wilderness.
(c) Fear of defeat.
(d) Fear of climbing.

4. What seemed to be the only way Beck could be happy?
(a) Going from goal to goal.
(b) Feeling needed.
(c) Away from work.
(d) Being in danger.

5. What did Meg ask her father never to do?
(a) Kill himself.
(b) Climb Mt. Everest.
(c) Climb in South America.
(d) Leave Peach.

6. Why did the second in command take over on the Aconcagua climb?
(a) The first in command got ill.
(b) The second in command knew the mountain better.
(c) The first in command demonstrated incompetence.
(d) The first in command died.

7. How did Beck's brother Dan energize himself?
(a) Drugs.
(b) Activity.
(c) Fanatasy.
(d) Acting.

8. What did Beck's father do during the war years?
(a) MASH unit.
(b) Designing barracks.
(c) Aviator instructor.
(d) War correspondent.

9. What did Beck's father do?
(a) A physician.
(b) An aviator.
(c) An architect.
(d) A writer.

10. How old was Beck when he became President in number 111?
(a) 35.
(b) 39.
(c) 42.
(d) 44.

11. What did Beck feel that he would some day do?
(a) Become a senator or congressman.
(b) Kill himself.
(c) Become an actor.
(d) Climb Mt. Everest.

12. What did both of Peach's grandmothers have in common?
(a) They lost their husbands to sudden death.
(b) They were survivors of the war in Poland.
(c) They loved hiking and the outdoors.
(d) They were doctors in a time when women seldom entered that field.

13. Where did Beck's father get transferred to in 1958?
(a) Saudi Arabia.
(b) Iran.
(c) Japan.
(d) Germany.

14. When did Beck propose to Peach?
(a) When Peach told him she was dating another man.
(b) The night of his graduation.
(c) When Peach told him she was accepting a job in New Mexico.
(d) He never officially proposed.

15. What did Beck forget to do for their wedding night?
(a) Bring the ring.
(b) Bring the airline tickets.
(c) Reserve a taxi.
(d) Reserve a room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Beck avoid sports in high school?

2. On what did Peach count on when she was thinking about divorce?

3. Why did Beck have trouble seeing as he descended the mountain on his second climb?

4. What did Beck have a tendency to do when he was pursuing a hobby?

5. What is one thing Beck liked about Peach?

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