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Beck Weathers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Peach not realize when someone called her and said Beck was alive?
(a) Beck was being bombarded by the press.
(b) Beck was still up on the mountain.
(c) The caller was implying that Beck would probably die.
(d) Beck was considered a hero for saving another climber.

2. Beck lost the use of ____________.
(a) His hands.
(b) His left ear.
(c) His sense of smell.
(d) His left eye.

3. What trail did Beck hike to get to Everest?
(a) Pokhran.
(b) Asra.
(c) Uru.
(d) Khumbu.

4. Who is Rob?
(a) Beck's friend from Texas who is also climbing.
(b) Beck's son.
(c) Beck's guide.
(d) Another first-time climber.

5. Why did Beck decide to stay put for a while?
(a) He lost a mitten.
(b) He lost his vision.
(c) He needed to use more oxygen.
(d) His boot sole broke off.

6. Why did Beck feel guilty?
(a) He put his wife through such emotional anguish.
(b) His brother lost his job when he came to help Beck in Nepal.
(c) He survived when others did not.
(d) He was crippled and would not be able to support his family anymore.

7. What had Peach planned to tell Beck after his climbing Mount Everest before Beck was injured?
(a) They had to go to counseling.
(b) She was seeing another man.
(c) She was moving to California to accept a job.
(d) The marriage was over.

8. Who came by and offered Beck assistance?
(a) Two Sherpas.
(b) Steve Mills.
(c) No one.
(d) Jon Krakauer.

9. How many feet above sea level was the base camp?
(a) 8,000.
(b) 17,600.
(c) 3200.
(d) 11,000.

10. Who is Anatoli Boukreev?
(a) A Sherpa.
(b) The man who rescued Rob.
(c) A Russian first-time climber.
(d) A Russian guide.

11. From whose point of view is part of Chapter 9?
(a) Beck's son.
(b) Rob's brother.
(c) Yasuko's family.
(d) Cecilia Boone.

12. Where was Beck taken?
(a) A hospital in Pokhra.
(b) The American Embassy.
(c) A hospital in New Delhi.
(d) A hospital in Ramstein, Germany.

13. What happened as the sun began to set?
(a) His best friend fell to his death.
(b) The wind picked up, and Beck's vision blurred again.
(c) His guide returned.
(d) Another group came down off the summit past Beck.

14. How did Beck feel about his role as a father?
(a) He was better than most of his friends.
(b) He was about the same as his own father had been.
(c) He had been a very good father.
(d) He did not do a very good job.

15. What advice did the group at base camp receive?
(a) To ask Beck if he wanted to be given a morphine overdose since he would die in agony otherwise.
(b) To keep Beck from warming up and a doctor would be there soon.
(c) To leave Beck since he would die anyway.
(d) To ready Beck for a rescue sled team.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does Beck compare facing death?

2. Who is Madan?

3. How does Beck get out of his sleeping bag?

4. Who fell 150 feet into a crevasse that Beck heard about?

5. Who are the Sherpas?

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