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The Videotape

Create the video left by the pastor of the New Hope Village Church.

Farewell Letter

Choose a character in the story that was Raptured. Write a letter from that character to one who was left behind.

A Carpathian Meeting

Create a written invitation for Buck to the meeting with Nicolae at the end of the book.

The Rapture in the News

Write a newspaper article about the disappearances.

Hattie's Resume

Create a cover letter and resume for Hattie’s application to be Nicolae’s personal assistant.

The Visual Rapture

Create a visual representation of the Rapture from the perspective of a particular character in the story.

Left Behind on the Silver Screen

Create a cast list for Left Behind from mainstream Hollywood actors and actresses.

Left Behind Soundtrack

Create a soundtrack for the story of Left Behind. Explain why each song or piece of music is...

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