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Chapter 1

● As Chapter 1 opens, Rayford Steele, an airline pilot, is flying a plane to London’s Heathrow airport. While flying, he is thinking about Hattie, a flight attendant with whom he wants to have an affair.

● When Rayford gets up to find Hattie, he finds her very shaken, and she explains that several people are missing from all areas of the plane. He tells her to keep people calm and find out who is present while he finds information about what is happening.

● Meanwhile, Cameron “Buck” Williams is also on the flight to London and working on his laptop to meet a deadline. He recalls a story he broke months before in Israel as it was being bombed by Russia.

● As the bombs fell, none made an impact. Bucks sees it as the closest thing to a miracle he has ever seen.

● Russia was bombing because Israel refused...

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