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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the meaning of "Le Cid"?
(a) The victorious.
(b) The warrior.
(c) The king.
(d) The prince.

2. Who is appointed to judge the duel between "Le Cid" and Don Sanche?
(a) Don Diegue.
(b) Don Arias.
(c) Don Rodrigue.
(d) Don Alonse.

3. According to the soliloquy in Act 5, Scene 2, what outlasts and transcends hate?
(a) Bravery.
(b) Love.
(c) Honor.
(d) Greed.

4. What does "Le Cid" believe people say if he dies in the duel?
(a) He dies because he is the weaker opponent.
(b) He dies for love.
(c) He dies because he is a coward.
(d) He dies because his opponent is dishonorable.

5. Chimene says "Le Cid" should be as determined to defend his own honor as he is to defend what?
(a) The Infanta's honor.
(b) Chimene's honor.
(c) Don Gomes' honor.
(d) His father's honor.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act 5, Scene 4, why does Chimene say she is unhappy no matter who wins the duel?

2. By the end of the soliloquy in Act 5, Scene 2, a character finally comes to accept what truth?

3. What do the soldiers want Don Rodrigue to do, according to Don Diegue?

4. In Act 5, Scene 3, the Infanta says she can never marry which character?

5. Who apologizes to the King for speaking rashly?

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