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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act 2, Scene 6, which two characters discuss the possible invasion of the kingdom?
(a) The King and Don Gomes.
(b) The King and Don Sanche.
(c) The King and Don Arias.
(d) The King and Don Alonse.

2. In Act 1, Scene 3, which two characters argue about the King's choice of tutor?
(a) Don Diegue and the King.
(b) Don Gomes and Don Diegue.
(c) Don Diegue and Don Rodrigue.
(d) Don Gomes and Don Rodrigue.

3. Who is the father of Chimene?
(a) Don Gomes.
(b) The King.
(c) Elvire.
(d) Don Sanche.

4. In Act 2, Scene 4, who leaves the palace, according to the messenger?
(a) Don Gomes and Don Diegue.
(b) Don Rodrigue and Don Gomes.
(c) Chimene and Don Gomes.
(d) Don Rodrigue and Don Diegue.

5. In Act 2, Scene 2, Don Rodrigue mocks Don Gomes for what?
(a) Being too old to duel.
(b) Being a coward.
(c) Having pity.
(d) Having poor sword skills.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the opinion of the King, who dishonors the King's judgment?

2. Which characters enter first in Act 1, Scene 1?

3. Which is the best description of Don Arias?

4. In Act 2, Scene 2, Don Rodrigue says he has no fear of Don Gomes for what reason?

5. Why does the Infanta offer to imprison a character?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Act 2, Scene 3, what does the Infanta say the King is trying to do? What does she think happens as a result? What is Chimene's reaction?

2. What arguments does Chimene make, against Don Rodrigue purposely losing in the duel against Don Sanche?

3. What is Don Sanche's real motivation in offering to avenge the death of Chimene's father?

4. Describe the King's plan to test Chimene's love for Don Rodrigue. What is the result of the test?

5. The Infanta, in her soliloquy, says that love outlasts and transcends hate. This goes against the logic of most characters throughout the play, who act more out of hate (in the name of honor) than out of love. How does this soliloquy reinforce the main theme of the play?

6. In Act 2, Scene 3, the Infanta devises a way to skirt the issue of honor for Don Rodrigue, and to keep him safe. What is this plan? Why does Chimene agree to the plan?

7. In Act 3, Scene 1, why do Don Rodrigue and Elvire hide from Chimene?

8. Although Chimene loves Don Rodrigue, in Act 2, Scene 8 she begs the King to punish him for killing her father. Detail her arguments.

9. In Act 5, Scene 4, Chimene complains that no matter how the duel turns out, she loses. Either she loses her last chance to avenge her father's death, or she has to grieve the death of Don Rodrigue. How does this statement reveal the character of Chimene? How does Elvire respond?

10. In Act 1, Scene 1, what do Chimene and Elvire say about Don Gomes?

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