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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act 1, Scene 2, the Infanta sends a messenger to which other character?
(a) Chimene.
(b) Elvire.
(c) Don Sanche.
(d) Don Rodrigue.

2. What is the physical disability suffered by Don Diegue?
(a) He is blind.
(b) He cannot walk.
(c) He has a useless leg.
(d) He has a useless arm.

3. What is the relationship between Don Diegue and Don Rodrigue?
(a) Don Diegue is the father of Don Rodrigue.
(b) Don Diegue is the rival of Don Rodrigue.
(c) Don Diegue is the son of Don Rodrigue.
(d) Don Diegue is the tutor of Don Rodrigue.

4. Which is the best description of Don Arias?
(a) Son of Don Gomes.
(b) Father of Don Rodrigue.
(c) A gentleman of the court.
(d) Tutor to the King's son.

5. Why does the Infanta offer to imprison a character?
(a) To punish him for his crimes.
(b) To ensure he is available for the duel.
(c) To prevent him from marrying Chimene.
(d) To prevent him from dueling.

6. Who is the father of Chimene?
(a) Don Sanche.
(b) Elvire.
(c) The King.
(d) Don Gomes.

7. Why does the King not want to announce the impending invasion?
(a) Without real confirmation, he does not want to panic the people.
(b) He does not feel ready to mount a defense.
(c) He wants to send an army to defend the kingdom.
(d) He wants to secretly send his own ships into battle.

8. In Act 2, Scene 5, the Infanta believes which character wins the duel?
(a) Don Diegue.
(b) Don Rodrigue.
(c) Don Sanche.
(d) Don Gomes.

9. Why does the King dismiss the advice of Don Sanche?
(a) Don Sanche is untrustworthy.
(b) Don Sanche is too old to fully understand the situation.
(c) Don Sanche is too young to fully understand the situation.
(d) Don Sanche is an enemy of the kingdom.

10. Chimene speaks of grieving not just for her father, but also for which other character?
(a) The Infanta.
(b) Don Sanche.
(c) Don Diegue.
(d) Don Rodrigue.

11. Who does Chimene love?
(a) Don Sanche.
(b) Don Gomes.
(c) Don Rodrigue.
(d) The King.

12. Act 1, Scene 2 introduces which thematic element?
(a) The conflict between Chimene and the Infanta.
(b) The conflict between the social classes.
(c) The conflict between love and honor.
(d) The conflict between war and peace.

13. In Act 2, Scene 2, Don Rodrigue says he has no fear of Don Gomes for what reason?
(a) Don Rodrigue is fighting for his father's honor.
(b) Don Rodrigue wishes to die.
(c) Don Gomes has a useless arm.
(d) Don Rodrigue is more experienced than Don Gomes.

14. As the second act opens, the King is angry with which character?
(a) Don Rodrigue.
(b) Don Gomes.
(c) Don Arias.
(d) His son.

15. In Act 3, Scene 3, what does Elvire advise Chimene to do, regarding her desire for vengeance?
(a) Kill Don Rodrigue.
(b) Kill Don Sanche.
(c) Leave the pursuit of justice to the King.
(d) Ask the King to forgive the man who kills Chimene's father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which description best fits Leonor?

2. What does the Infanta fantasize happens, following the duel?

3. In Act 2, Scene 1, Don Gomes says he can still live, even if which of the following occurs?

4. Why does the Infanta try to forget the man she loves?

5. In Act 2, Scene 6, the King complains of whose arrogance?

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