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1. In Act 1, Scene 1, what do Chimene and Elvire say about Don Gomes?

Chimene and Elvire discuss the fact that Don Gomes, father of Chimene, is in favor of a marriage between Chimene and Don Rodrigue. They also mention that Don Gomes is likely to be offered the position of tutor to the King's son.

2. Why does the Infanta encourage a relationship between Chimene and Don Rodrigue, even though she is in love with him?

The Infanta believes that she can never marry Don Rodrigue because his social status is too low for her; she is a Princess. She says she kills herself rather than dishonor her family.

3. Why does the Infanta say that the wedding of Chimene and Don Rodrigue simultaneously means death and life to her?

The Infanta says that the wedding of Chimene and Don Rodrigue means death to her because her hopes of love from Don Rodrigue end. The wedding means life to her because she is free from false hopes regarding Don Rodrigue.

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