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Objective: Act 1, Scenes 1 and 2. This section of the play establishes the relationships between many of the characters, and also foreshadows upcoming events and conflicts in the play. Foreshadowing is an important dramatic element in "Le Cid" because we can watch the characters follow their destined paths, either willingly or against their wishes. Today's lesson explores the initial effects of foreshadowing.

1) Class Discussion: Which characters appear onstage in these initial scenes? What potential events do these characters discuss? Which additional unseen characters are mentioned?

2) Small Group Discussion: List at least three examples of foreshadowing in this section of the play. How do you think these foreshadowed events unfold during the course of the play?

3) Individual Assignment: How do Leonor and Elvire help to advance plot and character development in these scenes?

4) Homework: How do the words and predictions of Chimene help you to understand her character? How do...

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