Le Cid Character Descriptions

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Don Alonse - This character is a nobleman whose role is minor, but who provides a way of filling in information about the activities that are going on behind the scenes.

Don Arias - This character is a nobleman. He is used in this play much as the ladies-in-waiting are used, as a way for the main male characters to expose their interior dialog.

Chimene - This character is torn between her love of her father and her love for a man.

The Count - See Don Gomes.

Don Diegue - This character is appointed as tutor for the King's son.

Elvire - This character is the lady-in-waiting to the main female character.

Don Fernand - This character must decide whether the character who defeats the invaders are considered a hero to be honored or a criminal to be punished.

Don Gomes - When this character...

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