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Act 1, Scenes 1 and 2

• (Act 1, Scene 1) Chimene enters with her governess, Elvire, discussing the upcoming wedding between Chimene and Don Rodrigue.

• Chimene's father, Don Gomes, approves of the wedding.

• Chimene has two suitors: Don Rodrigue and Don Sanche.

• Chimene and Elvire believe that Chimene's father, Don Gomes, is appointed as tutor for the King's son.

• Chimene worries that soon great sorrow follows great joy.

• (Act 1, Scene 2) The Infanta, or Princess, enters with her governess, Leonor, and asks a messenger to summon Chimene.

• The Infanta encourages a relationship between Chimene and Don Rodrigue, even though the Infanta loves Don Rodrigue.

• The Infanta cannot act on her love for Don Rodrigue because he is of lower birth and marrying him would dishonor her family.

• A messenger tells the Infanta that Chimene is waiting in a nearby gallery.

• Alone, the Infanta prays for the restoration of her peace and honor, and for...

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