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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Whitman say the man is now that he has tears in his face at the sight of the waters?
(a) Woman.
(b) Child.
(c) Teen.
(d) Baby.

2. What kind of birds fly together, interlocking their claws and beating their wings as one in the poem Whitman includes?
(a) Herons.
(b) Pelicans.
(c) Eagles.
(d) Robins.

3. Even those, Whitman says, that know unrequited ________ can sleep, as do prisoners.
(a) Patience.
(b) Love.
(c) Loss.
(d) Death.

4. Who is sultry with perfumes, with ample and flowing garments, florid with blood, hot with passion?
(a) Creatrix.
(b) Mistress.
(c) Mother Earth.
(d) Originatress.

5. What is piercing through the storm, piercing and pealing as the storm rises up?
(a) Singing.
(b) Silence.
(c) Laughter.
(d) Tears.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is Whitman referring when he talks about the estuary which enlarges and spread itself grandly in the great sea?

2. What does Whitman say was the year of struggle, the year when no dainty rhymes or sentimental loves verses were written?

3. Who does Whitman say the person in the poem "Europe" was paid to do?

4. At the time of freedom, the soul can emerge fully and ponder the _________ one loves best.

5. Whitman says that not a disembodied _________ can the weapons of tyrants let loose, but it stalks invisibly.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does a muse beckon Whitman to do in the beginning of these poems in this section?

2. What does Whitman wish he had the chance to do for the United States as it makes its impact in the world?

3. To what are the tides of the ocean compared to in life, according to the poems of Whitman?

4. What does Whitman question about the world when he sees the felons being shackled and held in the court?

5. Who are the phantoms to which Whitman refers in his poems about love being lost?

6. Why is an old man in the poem "Prayers of Columbus" too full of woe, according to Whitman's poem?

7. What are some of the signs of spring that Whitman lists in the poem, "Warble for Lilac-Time"?

8. What is the procession of the people into the theater, one of many on Broadway, used as a metaphor for in "A Broadway Pageant"?

9. What does Whitman point out happens no matter how many advancements science has made?

10. What does the poem "Passage to India" have to share about this country and about its progress in the world?

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