Leaves of Grass Fun Activities

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Reading Whitman Aloud

Poems are meant to be read aloud, so have each student choose a poem to read aloud to others.

Writing in the Style of Whitman

Have students create a new poem in the style of Whitman or how they think Whitman might write.

Design a New Cover for the Book

Have students come up with a new cover design for LEAVES OF GRASS, one which would inspire a reader to purchase it.

Create a Book Tour for Whitman

Have students come up with a book tour itinerary which would help Whitman create a buzz for his poetry book.

The Life and Times of Walt Whitman

Have students do some research about the life of Walt Whitman and then write up a one-page report about the life of this poet.

Reviews for the Back of the Book

Have students write up ten to fifteen short reviews...

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