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Sections 1-4

• This is a collection of poems by Walt Whitman.

• The poet associates himself with the birth of the United States.

• Whitman appears to appreciate the divinity in all.

• Whitman uses many overt sexual references.

• Whitman writes a poem about the place of his birth.

• The author speaks of the activities of others.

• Whitman talks about metaphysical topics as well.

Sections 5-17

• Whitman writes about the experiences he has in his own body.

• Whitman speaks of mortality.

• Whitman writes about being burning up by religion.

• The author pays homage to Manhattan, a city he loves.

• Whitman stresses the importance of living in the now.

• There is a fondness for appreciating all people.

• Whitman warns that not all people are as they seem on the surface.

Sections 18-25

• A muse beckons Whitman to sing a song that has never been sung before.

• Whitman pays homage to the pioneers...

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