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Short Answer Questions

1. Who advises the king to refuse the war?

2. What do the soldiers do to the wife of the Gravedigger's Boy?

3. What is the setting at the beginning of Act 1, Scene 2?

4. Where does Act 1, Scene 4 take place?

5. What gift from her childhood does Fontanelle remind her father of when she stands trial against him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the character of Warrington. What is his position? To whom is he loyal?

2. Describe how Lear is blinded in the prison scene. Why is he blinded?

3. Describe what happens at the end of Act 1, Scene 7 with the soldiers at the Gravedigger's Boy's house.

4. How does the Ghost die? How does Lear react?

5. What is the significance of the image of Bodice and Fontanelle as children in Lear's cell?

6. Why does the Ghost not go with Lear when Lear is taken from the cell?

7. Why did the Gravedigger's Son settle where he did? How did he discover the place where he lives?

8. Describe the Farmer and his family. How do they feel about Lear?

9. How does Lear feel about the Duke of North and the Duke of Cornwall? Why?

10. Why is the Ghost unhappy and crying in Act 3, Scene 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the climax of Lear? How does this climax reflect both the actions in the play and the thematic climax? What has been sacrificed?

Essay Topic 2

What is the primary motif in Lear? What is the definition of the term "motif"? How does Bond employ this motif as a means to further illustrate his theme?

Essay Topic 3

Define the terms "action" and "objective." What are the overarching actions and objectives of Bodice and Fontanelle? How do these actions connect to the plot of the play?

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