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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first to sit on the witness stand at Lear's trial?
(a) Bodice.
(b) Warrington.
(c) Fontanelle.
(d) Cleric.

2. Who leads Susan back into the house at the end of Act 3, Scene 2?
(a) William.
(b) Thomas.
(c) John.
(d) Lear.

3. What does the Small Man say they're saying in the camps?
(a) That Cordelia will have them all killed.
(b) That Lear will blow up the wall.
(c) That Lear is a traitor.
(d) That there's a revolution brewing.

4. Whom do the soldiers come to take away in Act 3, Scene 2?
(a) Cordelia and the Gravedigger's Boy.
(b) Thomas.
(c) Ben and the Small Man.
(d) Lear.

5. Who tries to convince Susan to leave with him?
(a) Thomas.
(b) The Ghost.
(c) Lear.
(d) John.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the soldiers studying in Act 2, Scene 5?

2. What does Carpenter tell the soldiers they don't have left?

3. Why doesn't Thomas want the others to stay at the house?

4. Where does Act 1, Scene 3 take place?

5. Why does the Boy say his wife is upset?

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