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Sheryl Sandberg
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Short Answer Questions

1. During the time that the author worked at Google, how many employees does she say she hired in Chapter 2: “Sit at the Table”?

2. Who is described in Chapter 3: “Success and Likeability” as one of the engineering directors at Facebook who held a meeting in 2011 with female engineers to encourage them to share the progress they’d made on products they were building?

3. What children’s clothing company is described in Chapter 1: “The Leadership Ambition Gap” as having once sold onesies for boys that said “Smart like Daddy” and onesies for girls that said “Pretty like Mommy”?

4. The author asserts in Chapter 4: “It’s a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder,” “Just as I believe everyone should have a long-term dream, I also believe everyone should have” what?

5. Who is the 13th President of the University of Michigan that was named in 2009 as one of the nation’s “10 best college presidents” by Time Magazine?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of plans does the author say individuals should develop in Chapter 4: "It's a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder"?

2. What does the author cite Shankar Vedantam as having written about in Chapter 3: “Success and Likeability”?

3. What statistics does the author present in the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution” to further express her points regarding women’s equality in the workplace?

4. How does Sandberg suggest one might go about soliciting a mentor in Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?”

5. What author from The New Yorker is cited in Chapter 3: “Success and Likeability”? What did this author say about self-doubt?

6. What story is related of Josh Steiner in Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?”

7. What internal report from Hewlett-Packard does the author describe in Chapter 4: "It's a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder"?

8. What was the outcome discovered in the study described in the beginning of Chapter 3: “Success and Likeability”?

9. What is the focus of Chapter 2: “Sit at the Table” With what anecdote does the author open this chapter?

10. What story does the author use to connect the title of Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?” with the theme of the chapter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the issue of negotiations in the workplace. In your experience, have you faced the issue of salary negotiations? If so, how did you feel about stepping up to the plate to ask for a higher salary or benefits? If you have not experienced this, discuss a similar example, such as an occurrence when you have challenged a grade in a class or asked for more allowance from your parents. Do you feel that your experiences in negotiation are influenced by your gender? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the author’s story of her pregnancy while working for Google and the discoveries she made during this time about gender bias. How many American corporations offer reserved parking and other benefits for pregnant women in the workforce today? How did this change at Google? What factors will lead to more changes, according to the author?

Essay Topic 3

Define “gatekeeping behaviors” and discuss how these types of behaviors serve as a disadvantage within the household dynamic. What are specific examples that you’ve seen of gatekeeping behaviors? Which have you personally engaged in? How does the author suggest one may best keep these behaviors at bay?

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