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Sheryl Sandberg
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the New York University professor that co-ran an experiment to test perceptions of women and men in the workplace in the 2003 study discussed in Chapter 3: “Success and Likeability”?

2. What author is cited by Sandberg as having written in The New Yorker that for women, “self-doubt becomes a form of self-defense” in Chapter 3: “Success and Likeability”?

3. After finishing business school, Sheryl Sandberg took a job as a consultant at what company in Los Angeles?

4. Who won the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize for “helping to lead the women’s protests that toppled Liberia’s dictator,” according to the author in the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution”?

5. Where did Sheryl Sandberg attend college for her undergraduate degree?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author describe “impostor syndrome” in Chapter 2: “Sit at the Table”?

2. What study does the author describe in the beginning of Chapter 3: “Success and Likeability”? Who conducted the study?

3. What statistics does the author present in the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution” to further express her points regarding women’s equality in the workplace?

4. What did Sandberg’s experience during her first pregnancy teach her about gender equality in the workplace in the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution”?

5. What kind of plans does the author say individuals should develop in Chapter 4: "It's a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder"?

6. What does Sheryl Sandberg say must be overcome in order to reach true gender equality in the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution”?

7. What does the author say regarding the progress that has been made regarding gender equality in the past 100 years in the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution”?

8. What story is related of Josh Steiner in Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?”

9. Where was Sheryl Sandberg working when she became pregnant with her first child? How is this experience described in the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution”?

10. How does the author equate mentorship with Prince Charming in Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?”

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Eric Schmidt suggested “fast growth” as the only important criterion for taking employment, what did he mean? Was he correct in this assessment? Do you think that this piece of advice is more valuable today, given the speed of technological advancement, than it was 50 years ago? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Define and discuss “mentors” and “sponsors” in the business world and examine the traditional mentor-mentee relationship. How has this relationship evolved in the world of business? Where did mentorships first originate? How does the author suggest individuals go about finding a mentor?

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?” the author describes Josh Steiner as the former chief of staff at the Treasury Department that gave Sheryl Sandberg the advice of figuring out what she wanted to do before she went to see the people who had the ability to hire her. What is meant by this comment? How might you apply this advice in your own career? How did Sandberg employ this advice?

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