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Sheryl Sandberg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What author is cited by Sandberg as having written in The New Yorker that for women, “self-doubt becomes a form of self-defense” in Chapter 3: “Success and Likeability”?
(a) Nitin Nohria.
(b) Oprah Winfrey.
(c) Emily White.
(d) Ken Auletta.

2. What was the author voted as by her senior class, according to the narrative in Chapter 3: “Success and Likeability”?
(a) “Most likely to succeed.”
(b) “Most likely to end up in jail.”
(c) “Most likely to become famous.”
(d) “Most likely to be a politician.”

3. Who is the author’s grandmother whom she says was born exactly 52 years before she was, in Chapter 1: “The Leadership Ambition Gap”?
(a) Mary Sue Coleman.
(b) Deborah Gruenfeld.
(c) Rosalind Einhorn.
(d) Jocelyn Goldfein.

4. The author states in Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?” that “Studies show that mentors select protégés based on” what?
(a) “Credentials and past achievements.”
(b) “Appearance and personality.”
(c) “Performance and potential.”
(d) “Need and ability to give.”

5. In Chapter 7: “Don’t Leave Before You Leave,” the author describes what individual that was “finishing up at Stanford’s Institute of Design when she was offered the chance to start a company at the same time that she learned she was pregnant”?
(a) Mary Sue Coleman.
(b) Pattie Sellers.
(c) Caroline O’Connor.
(d) Reid Hoffman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What 1972 song does the author describe in Chapter 1: “The Leadership Ambition Gap” as being about a little boy who begs his father for a traditional girl’s toy?

2. The author states in Chapter 2: “Sit at the Table” that when Facebook filed to go public, what newspaper “ran an article that kindly reminded me—and everyone else—that I had ‘been lucky’ and ‘had powerful mentors along the way’”?

3. What kind of presentations does Sheryl Sandberg say she banned at Facebook meetings in Chapter 6: “Seek and Speak Your Truth”?

4. The author asserts in Chapter 1: “The Leadership Ambition Gap,” “The gender stereotypes introduced in childhood are reinforced throughout our lives and become” what?

5. What language does the author describe Mark Zuckerberg deciding to learn a few years ago in Chapter 6: “Seek and Speak Your Truth”?

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