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Sheryl Sandberg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the chief technology officer of Cisco that the author cites in Chapter 2: “Sit at the Table” from an article in The Huffington Post?
(a) Virginia Rometty.
(b) Josh Steiner.
(c) Padmasree Warrior.
(d) Emily White.

2. What management committee partner at Goldman Sachs in the late 1990s established a “breakfast or lunch only policy” for employees to create equal access for men and women, according to the author in Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?”
(a) Omid Kordestani.
(b) Justin Osofsky.
(c) Bob Steel.
(d) Mary Sue Coleman.

3. Where does the author say she attended a large public high school growing up in Chapter 2: “Sit at the Table”?
(a) Cleveland, Ohio.
(b) Miami, Florida.
(c) Brooklyn, New York.
(d) Little Rock, Arkansas.

4. What company did the author’s husband found in L.A. and then sell to Yahoo, according to the narrative in Chapter 8: “Make Your Partner a Real Partner”?
(a) SurveyMonkey.
(b) Launch Media.
(c) Google.
(d) Facebook.

5. The author states in Chapter 8: “Make Your Partner a Real Partner,” “According to the most recent analysis, when a husband and wife both are employed full-time, the mother does” what percent more child care than the father?
(a) 30% more.
(b) 40% more.
(c) 20% more.
(d) 60% more.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is described in Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?” as the founder of CollegeSpring, “a nonprofit that provides SAT tutoring and college counseling to low-income students”?

2. Who was the former chief of staff at the Treasury Department that gave Sheryl Sandberg the advice of figuring out what she wanted to do before she went to see the people who had the ability to hire her?

3. During the time that the author worked at Google, how many employees does she say she hired in Chapter 2: “Sit at the Table”?

4. What is described by the author as stress hormones in Chapter 2: “Sit at the Table”?

5. The author notes in Chapter 5: “Are You My Mentor?” that “searching for a mentor has become the professional equivalent of” what?

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