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Short Answer Questions

1. What feature of her patio does Isabel want to hide?

2. What does the narrator of chapter five say about human intelligence?

3. What does Isabel say about Carmela's white dress?

4. What is the argument presented in chapter five in favor of suffering?

5. How does Mammon characterize the Guardian Angels' work?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Azucena learn about Rodrigo on the news?

2. What do Isabel's bodyguards do when they believe Isabel has died?

3. In chapter twelve, what do we learn that love prevents?

4. What is Mammon's philosophy?

5. What helps the Universe to run smoothly?

6. Why does Azucena need help from Anacreonte in chapter seven?

7. How do fear and terror affect the Conquistdors?

8. If Isabel is seen as evil, who is set up in chapter five to represent good? How is this presented?

9. Why is the news that Azucena and Rodrigo watch on their Televirtual so unusual?

10. What do we learn about Ex-Azucena's role in Isabel's family in chapter fifteen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Anacreonte puts Azucena in a position to help someone else. By helping someone else, she feels better herself. This lesson looks at the idea that helping others is a good way for people to help themselves. What are examples from the book of one character feeling better when they help another? What are examples of people being unable to help each other or to connect enough in order to be able to help one another? What message does the author wish to convey?

Essay Topic 2

While Azucena is influenced by the Guardian Angel who tells her story, the voice that narrates Isabel's experience is a Demon.

1) Which of the characters in this text represent good?

2) Which characters represent evil?

3) Who do you believe wins the battle between good and evil?

Essay Topic 3

In a didactic tone, Anacreonte presents several ideas about reincarnation and the nature of the Universe, especially the role of love.

1) What role does love play in this text?

2) What is The Law of Love?

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