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Short Answer Questions

1. What begins to vibrate as two twin souls meet?

2. Who are called the "supreme Reconcilers" in chapter two?

3. At the close of chapter five, what is said about the relationship between Isabel and Azucena?

4. What is the relationship between Azucena and Rodrigo?

5. What does Isabel want from Downtown Mexico City?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do fear and terror affect the Conquistdors?

2. What does Anacreonte tell Azucena about the Law of Love in chapter thirteen?

3. Why does Cuquita claim she should now live with Rodrigo? What is her real motivation?

4. How does the change of narrative perspective add to or take away from the story?

5. What do we learn about the Pyramid of Love in chapter thirteen?

6. What recurring themes are present in chapter five?

7. What do Isabel's bodyguards do when they believe Isabel has died?

8. In chapter fourteen, who do we learn that Anacreonte report to?

9. Why is Anacreonte frustrated with Azucena in chapter fourteen?

10. What happens to Mexico City when the Pyramid of Love is restored?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As an astroanalyst, Azucena helps her clients remember past lives. In order to apply for a job, she has to submit to having her subconscious memories of the past reviewed. She finds a way around this test, but with the aid of music, she does have a momentary vision of her past.

1) What is the role of art in the world that Laura Esquivel has created?

2) Do you believe that art is as powerful in life as it is in this text?

Essay Topic 2

While Azucena is influenced by the Guardian Angel who tells her story, the voice that narrates Isabel's experience is a Demon.

1) Which of the characters in this text represent good?

2) Which characters represent evil?

3) Who do you believe wins the battle between good and evil?

Essay Topic 3

Reincarnation is central to this novel.

1) What is reincarnation in this book?

2) Who reincarnates?

3) What do characters reincarnate?

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